Using Classworks 'View Detail' to View What Students Are Doing in Classworks

Using Classworks 'View Detail' to View What Students Are Doing in Classworks


The Detail tabs for each student contain relevant Classworks information for that student. You'll find their login information, individualized learning progression, progress monitoring performance, screener data, test data, goals, and observational notes!

You can access the Detail tabs by clicking on the student’s name or ‘view detail’ wherever you see the 'view detail' button near a student's name. 


When you select 'view detail' you will see nine different tabs. These are listed on the left side of the window. Click on each tab to navigate to it. The tab you are viewing is highlighted in yellow.

Student Details

This tab includes login information, school, and class enrollment and demographic identifiers. 

Account Information: Login credentials like user name and password. To view a password, click on the eye icon.

Demographic Data: Including gender, race and ethnicity, and other subgroup designations.

Groups: School-level rosters and district-wide “Custom Groups” where the student is a member.

Classes: Class rosters where the student is enrolled.


This tab is where you can access the student's screener results. Here you can review summaries of performance on screeners administered in each assessment window during the school year. 

Test Information is found at the top of the screen and includes:

  1. Content Area (Reading or Math)
  2. Assessment Language (Spanish or English)
  3. Test Name
  4. Assessment Window (Fall, Winter or Spring)

A Performance Summary is next and includes:

  1. Test Date
  2. Suggested Tier
  3. Overall Score
  4. Percentile Rank
  5. Overall Grade Level Equivalence (GLE)

Domain Performance is summarized next and gives a more detailed view of the student's performance. This includes:

  1. Scale Score
  2. Grade Level Equivalence (GLE)

Present Level of Performance is next and includes:

  1. A summary statement of the student’s present level of performance as reflected on the screener.
  2. Domain-specific statements of the student’s present level within each domain
  3. Ready to Learn statements summarizing the concepts the student is ready to engage with on their Individualized Learning path.

Individualized Learning

This tab is where you can monitor and modify a student’s Individualized Learning path. The information summarized at the top of the screen is cumulative for the time period you have selected. 
  1. Toggle between the Reading and Math content areas

  1. Set the Time Period filter to examine a specific section of the school year. 
  2. Set the Domain filter to examine student performance within a specific content domain.
Classworks research has proven that three factors influence student growth. These are highlighted in these three boxes. A student’s progress with these “Best Practices for Growth” is easily monitored here.

  1. Recommended Skills: Student’s Individual Learning path generated by assessment and progress monitoring data organized along the Classworks Learning Progression
  2. All Skills: All skills that could be included as part of the student’s Individualized Learning path organized along the Classworks Learning Progression

You can customize the lessons on a student’s Individualized Learning path. Read more about customizing the lessons on an ILP

Progress Monitoring

This tab is where you can monitor, interpret, and reassign progress monitoring probes for a specific student. 
  1. Toggle between the Reading and Math content areas

Use the drop-down menu to select which Progress Monitoring session to view. 

  1. You can view current and previously completed sessions from the current school year.

Graph Details 

  1. The graph illustrates the student’s weekly progress and lets you monitor their rate of growth. Is it  “On Target” or “Below Target”

Assessment Details

This chart summarizes the student’s weekly performance and includes:

  1. The date each probe was completed

  2. How much time was spent working through the probe

  3. The score earned each week

  4. Comments entered by a teacher 

  5. The option to reassign the current week’s probe

Cumulative Question Responses

Below the graph and weekly details, you will find the Cumulative Question Response table. This table breaks down the objectives the student was tested on, and how well they did.

Goal Tracking

This tab is where you can monitor, edit, and interact with each student on their current goal. You can also review previously set and achieved or set and abandoned goals.  

SE Survey

This tab is where you can review a student’s Social-Emotional Skills Survey (SESS) to gain valuable insight into the whole student. The survey measures global social-emotional competencies as well as eight subdomains. 

This is a student-facing survey for students in grades 4-12. 

Teachers use this tab to submit a survey for students in grades PreK-3  by clicking on “Submit Survey”

In districts that elect to use the Social-Emotional Skills Survey (SESS), it is available during the same assessment windows as the Classworks Universal Screener (Fall, Winter, and Spring)


This tab is where you can record and review anecdotal observations as you work with a student throughout the day, week, and school year.

Monthly Scores

This tab is where you can see the student’s Individualized Learning progress in month-by-month summaries and print achievement certificates the student has earned.
This tab is part of the New Student Interface that is being gradually released to customers.  If your district hasn't made the transition yet, don't worry. This tab will be available when your students return in Fall 2024. 

Toggle between content areas

Monthly Performance Star Ratings

The overall average the student earned on their ILP work will be designated by the number of gold-colored stars:
  1. 0 Stars = No work has been done on this ILP during this month
  2. 1 Star = Overall ILP Average is between 0% - 49%
  3. 2 Stars = Overall ILP Average is between 50% - 69%
  4. 3 Stars = Overall ILP Average is between 70% - 79%
  5. 4 Stars = Overall ILP Average is between 80% - 100%

Monthly Time on Task Bar Graph

The bar graph illustrates the length of time the student has worked on the ILP during each specific month. The bar graph is measured in increments of 30 minutes.

Each month’s bar will be shown in blue or green:
  1. Blue = 89 minutes or less time working on the ILP during this month
  2. Green = 90 minutes or more time working on the ILP during this month

Monthly Detail Screen

Clicking on the Stars or Bar Graph next to any month will open a detailed screen that includes detailed information about each ILP Skill Unit the student has completed or worked on during the month.

  1. Each Skill Unit is listed sequentially
  2. The total time on task the student spent on the Skill Unit is shown
  3. The date the student completed or last worked on the Skill Unit is displayed
  4. A Green Dot makes it easy to see which skills the student did well on and earned an 80% + average
  5. A Red Dot highlights the skills where the student did not earn an 80% average
Students can see the same information shown on each of these Monthly Scores screens from their login.

Student Recognition Certificates

Students can earn certificates of recognition for their ILP work each month. Certificates are awarded to all students who:
  1. Earn 3 or 4 Stars = Exceptional Scores Certificate
  2. Work for 90 minutes or more designated by a Green Bar = Exceptional Time on Task Certificate
  3. Earn 3 or 4 Stars and work for 90+ minutes = Exceptional Scores and Time on Task Certificate 
Students have this same view and can see or print certificates from their login

Additional Test Data

This is the tab where you will see the student’s assessment summary for the current school year. You will see the student’s score on each Classworks Universal Screener completed.

Toggle between content areas

  1. If your district decided to import results from an external assessment such as NWEA MAP or Renaissance Star, you will also see these summarized.
  2. The results are displayed in reverse chronological order with the most recent assessment information at the top of the screen.

Click on Print in the top right corner to easily generate a hard copy of this summary

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