How do I find previous completed progress monitoring sessions for my students?

How do I review previously completed progress monitoring sessions for my students?

Have you recently initiated a new Progress Monitoring session for your student and found yourself needing help finding the previous sessions? This article will guide you through the simple steps to locate and access historical Progress Monitoring data from the Student Detail Progress Monitoring screen. 

Access Previous Progress Monitoring Sessions for a Student

Navigate to the Progress Monitoring page and select a student by clicking View Detail.

Once in the Progress Monitoring details, select Language Arts or Mathematics as the subject

Click the drop-down menu under the subject to reveal all Progress Monitoring sessions for that student. 

Sessions marked as complete cannot be restarted. A new session will need to be started.

Click on any session to see the data that’s been collected. 

Printing Progress Monitoring Sessions

To print these progress monitoring sessions, see the below articles for more information.