Outside assessments Classworks integrates with and how to setup them up

Outside assessments Classworks integrates with and how to setup them up

Classworks Assessment Integration allows district administrative users to set up third-party assessment results for use in Classworks. These assessment results can be used to create individualized learning for students. 

There are two different types of assessment integrations within Classworks: 

  • Assessment Upload Integration 

  • Assessment API Integration

Current Third-Party Assessment Partners

Assessment Upload Integration

  1. ACT Aspire (Interim and Summative)
  2. aimswebPlus
  3. i-Ready
  4. LinkIt!
  5. NC Check-In
  6. Texas STAAR

Assessment API Integration

  1. Renaissance Star

Getting Started (both Integration types)

1. After logging in as a district administrator, click your name in the top right and select Manage Classworks.

2. Select the Utilities tab.

3. From the menu on the left, verify you're in the Add-on and Integrations Directory.

Depending on the Integration type you are looking for, jump to the section for your particular assessment (Assessment Upload or API Integration).

Assessment Upload Integration

4. Click the link for Upload beside the name of your assessment.

5. All uploads require users to:
Select the field to match users in the file
Upload data file for processing (as a .csv file)

ACT Aspire and NC Check-In users will start by selecting the edition of their assessment.

6. After completing the required steps, click Upload.

7. You will be taken to the History screen and receive a message: Data Processing. See log for more information.

The upload will be ready in less than 24 hours.

API Integration

Renaissance Star

4. Click the link for Edit beside the name of your assessment

These Steps are for Renaissance Star users. See below for NWEA MAP.

5. Authorize Renaissance Place to share data with Classworks

Your first step is to enable data sharing within Renaissance Growth, using these steps.

6. In Classworks, provide your Renaissance Learning Credentials to authorize access to Classworks

Enter your Renaissance Learning Platform District Identification Number and your Star 360 Username.

7. Set Renaissance Place and Classworks fields for user matching

Use the drop-down boxes to match user ID fields.

8. Set synchronization schedule

From the drop-down box, select the time that Classworks will attempt to import data, daily.

9. Turn on Star Assessments Integration – Check the box to enable and Save

Classworks will now use your settings to import data from Renaissance learning daily.


4. Click the link for Edit beside the NWEA integration.

These Steps are for NWEA users. See above for Renaissance  STAR.

5. Select your district from the list.

6. Select Classworks field for user matching

You can match by Username, District User ID, State User ID, Alternate User ID, or Email.

7. Set synchronization schedule

From the drop-down box, select the time that Classworks will attempt to check for new data, daily.

8. Turn on NWEA Integration – Check the box to enable

Classworks will now check for new assessment results daily at the time you selected.

History Log

The History Log (accessible from the Integrations Directory beside the name of the Assessment) will give you details about the upload/sync history, including Success Details, Start Date/Time, Complete Date/Time, and a Message Log for each.


By setting up your third-party assessments in Classworks, students can have individualized learning created for them in Classworks using information from their assessment scores.

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