How do I download and import i-Ready Diagnostic Results into Classworks

How do I download and import i-Ready Diagnostic Results into Classworks

i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment, created by Curriculum Associates, Inc. has recommended placement levels for students that take the assessment. After each testing administration, the district will upload a newly extracted .csv with either Reading or Mathematics results. Classworks then uses i-Ready Diagnostic assessment data to update the student’s Individualized Learning Progression based on their assessment scores and placement levels in Mathematics and Reading.

By using data from a nationally recognized assessment program, like i-Ready Diagnostics, to individualize learning in Classworks, you can provide relevant instruction for every student, giving them the exact skills they need at the level they need them. Once i-Ready assessment data is uploaded into Classworks, teachers can automatically have their students’ i-Ready data analyzed by Classworks to update students’ individualized instruction.

The integration of i-Ready assessment results into Classworks eliminates the need for an additional assessment for students. The Classworks skills assigned are based on the skills the student is ready to learn according to the i-Ready Overall Scaled Score and Placement Level.

Downloading i-Ready Diagnostic Results

Log-in to i-Ready.

Click on the Reports.
i-Ready site - Reports tab

Click on District/School.
i-Ready site - District School link

Click on All Exports.
i-Ready site - All Exports link

Click on either Reading or Math in the Diagnostic Results Export.
i-Ready site - Diagnostic Results - Reading

Confirm the Academic Year to generate.

Choose the Diagnostic to Include. Typically, this will be All Diagnostics YTD. 

Uncheck District/School/Student State IDs, Student Demographics Information and Class/Teacher/Group Association. Leave Student Username checked.

Click Create Export.

If needed, select the other subject area in the Subject dropdown and click on Create Export to create an export file for the other subject area.
i-Ready site - Subject dropdown

When all exports have been created click on the View Export Queue button.
i-Ready site - View Export Queue button

Click on the CSV icon to download the subject data file for each subject. Save the files to a location that is easily accessible to upload to the Classworks Platform.

The CSV files will have many columns and look similar to the columns shown below when opened in Excel. 

Uploading i-Ready Results to Classworks

  1. Login to Classworks.
  2. Click your name in the top right corner. Click Manage Classworks.
  3. Click Utilities.
  4. In the Integrations Directory, find i-Ready in the list. 
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Choose the ID this is in the Classworks Platform for the Students that match the ID for the iReady Platform.
  7. Select the Subject of the file you are planning to upload to Classworks.
  8. Browse for CSV file of that subject.
  9. Click Upload.

Monitor i-Ready Results Processing in Classworks

  1. Login to Classworks.
  2. Click your name in the top right corner. Click Manage Classworks.
  3. Click Utilities.
  4. In the Integration Directory, find i-Ready in the list.
  5. Click History.
  6. The the uploads will be display to the left. Clicking on one of the uploads, will show the status of the processing of the file. 
    1. Files will process in 4-6 hours. Check back periodically to confirm success of the processing.
 If you receive an error or need assistance uploading your i-Ready results, contact us at Our team will be happy to assist. 

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