How NWEA MAP Informs Classworks Instruction

How NWEA MAP Informs Classworks Instruction

Classworks diagnoses, prescribes, and implements the best individualized educational plan for each student. All student instruction and results are organized within Classworks, including content mastery and time-on-task. This enables teachers and administrators to manage whole-group or individual student instructional learning progressions, monitor student progress, and track and report student achievement.

Classworks reads and imports student results from the Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and Measures of Academic Progress for Primary and automatically prescribes an individual learning progression for each student.

How does Classworks get the MAP results for students?

Enabling the NWEA integration allows Classworks to automatically load any NWEA results once they are available for students. Once results have been added to Classworks, they will be analyzed and student's Individualized Learning Progressions will be created/updated automatically!


  • Reads and imports assessment results

  • Prescribes individual standards-based learning progressions

  • Automatically assigns each student relevant instructional activities and practice

  • Immediately provides targeted grade-level instruction based on test results

  • If students already have an ILP using previous NWEA assessment data, the ILP will be updated to reflect their results from the newest available data

The ability to import MAP and MAP for Primary results and have students immediately engaged in relevant individual instruction is an effective way to work toward student achievement goals.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) provides adaptive assessments called the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP and MAP for Primary) that provide data on student achievement levels. The assessments are state-aligned computerized adaptive tests that assess skills in Reading, Language Usage, Math 2-5 and Math 6+. MAP is typically given to grades 2-8.

MAP for Primary Grades is a separate assessment and results can also be used for an individualized prescription. MAP for Primary is typically given to grades K-2.

Teachers with access to assessment data are better informed to make decisions that lead to meaningful, targeted instruction for every student and therefore better results on state tests.

MAP Scoring

MAP results are reported with numerical data as a RIT score; a normative scale designed to assess each student’s level on individual skills and concepts. Because MAP is an adaptive assessment, rather than showing mastery or non-mastery of a skill, reports indicate a student’s needs within each reporting category on a continuum that spans grade levels. The strands measured on the MAP have been aligned by NWEA to each state. In addition, there is a version aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

The content areas for the MAP and MAP for Primary include Language Usage, Reading, and Mathematics, although the specific strands vary by state.

How Classworks Uses the Results

Classworks partners with NWEA to provide a custom learning experience for every student per Goal Area. Classworks uses the student Goal Area RIT score to determine exactly which Classworks units the student’s custom experience should include. Classworks calls this custom experience an Individualized Learning Progression (ILP).

The method to determine the ILP takes into account the following elements to ensure each student is working on exactly the right thing.

  1. The student’s Goal Area RIT score is the starting place for everything

  2. Classworks will look up the scaled score grade level equivalent based on the scaled score of that assessment for each domain of that particular assessment.

  3. Using that grade level, Classworks will assign any units that match that grade level for the Classworks Skill Domains connected to that NWEA Goal Name.

Students receive units that fall within the expected ability for students in the grade associated with that RIT score. See chart.


John took an NWEA Mathematics Assessment and Scored a 192 in Algebra.

1. The score 192 has a grade level equivalent of third grade.

2. The NWEA Goal Algebra is linked to the following Classworks Skill Domains:

  • Algebraic Thinking & Operations

  • Ratios & Proportional Relationships

  • Expressions & Equations

  • Functions

  • Number & Operations-Base Ten

3. Classworks will assign all skill units that are grade 3 in those Classworks Skill Domains.

Classworks and NWEA custom learning experience for every student per Goal Area is designed to close gaps and ensure relevant learning for all.