Why can't my new student see my assignments?

Why can't my new student see my assignments?

Once you've added a new student to your class, you'll notice they aren't able to see the assignments you've previously given to your class. When adding a new student, by default, they do not see any assignments. Rather than automatically giving them all assignments, we allow the teacher to select which ones they need. Use the following instructions to ensure your student has all necessary assignments.

1. Click on Classes at the top, click on your Class Name, then click the Instruction tab:

2. Click the + symbol to the left of the assignment name(s) you want the student to have. 

3. This will reveal the list of students in your class. For those newly added students, you'll notice they have a Status of Skipped. 

4. Click on the down arrow and change the Status from Skipped to Assigned. 

5. Repeat until all assignments have been updated and Save!

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