What printable resources are available for Applied Mathematics?

What printable resources are available for Applied Mathematics?

Classworks provides printable resources that will support teachers in planning, implementing, and grading Applied Mathematics. This also gives the teacher more control on how they want to facilitate their class. Below are the resources teachers can print for offline use.

  1. Offline Activities: These allow a teacher to print all 4 levels of problems for students to use in an offline format. 
  2. Teacher Resource Page: These include: Standards of Mathematical Practice, suggested manipulatives, common misconceptions, purpose setting statement, DOK level of each problem, the question stem and correct answer, talking points, and possible responses.

Access Teacher Resources

1. From the Create Tab, click instruction, then click on the arrow to the left of Applied Mathematics and again to the left of the desired grade level.

2. Click on the Name of the Lesson to launch the activity page.

3. The printable Teacher Resources will be available below the activity Start button:

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