What is the Skills Snapshot Assessment and how do I create one?

What is the Skills Snapshot Assessment and how do I create one?

Skills Snapshot

The Skills Snapshot Assessment is an assessment designed to determine which skills in an assignment each student needs to complete. Instead of starting with the mini-lesson, each unit will start with the quick quiz questions to determine if a student needs to learn that skill or not. If the student does not show mastery of a skill the instructional unit will automatically be assigned. The quick quiz is automatically given in its entirety at the end of the instructional unit, which can be used as a post-test score.

Below are the steps to create a Skills Snapshot

Note: These instructions are for creating a Skills Snapshot Assessment. If you've already created one, click here for information on how to assign it. 

Creating a Skills Snapshot Assessment

1. Click on the Create tab then click Assessments. Under My Created Assessments, click the Create New Button:

2. Select which subject you'd like to use to create your Skill Snapshot Assessment (Language Arts or Mathematics).

3. Select the grade level you'd like to use.

Note: You also have the option to enter any keywords to search for.

4. Click through the options listed to get down to the standards you want to include.

Note: By hovering over the standard, you can read the full standard description.

5. Click the + symbol to add skills to your assessment. After clicking the + symbol, you'll see the assessment objectives that you've added to the right.

Note: You can click Back to find more skills in other standards if you'd like. Also, you can click the Trash icon to remove a skill from your assessment objectives.

6. When you are ready, click Next.

7. On the next page, name the assessment; this is what the student will see.

8. Optional: Select an icon; click Change if you want to use a different icon.

9. Enter a description. The student doesn't see this, but it can help you if you need to remember what you created.

10. Enter an Intervention Duration (optional). This option determines the Aim Line and a Target Time on Task line on the Mastery Measurement report.

11. If you need to rearrange any of the objectives, you can drag and drop them in any order you wish. Also, you can click the trash icon to remove an objective.

12. When you are ready, click Create in the bottom right-hand corner.

13. Now that you have created your Skills Snapshot Assessment, you can assign it to individual students or a class.

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