What is the Practice Unit Launcher?

What is the Practice Unit Launcher?

With our Practice Unit Launcher (PUL), teachers can access a URL for a specific Classworks unit. Students and teachers can then easily launch the unit straight from the URL in order to practice and learn specific skills.


Uses of the URL will vary based on your goals for skill practice.

  • Utilize the link within your Learning Management System (LMS). 

  • Directly add the URL into a digital pacing guide or lesson plan. The instructional units can then be launched directly from the pacing guide/lesson plan for whole class or small group instruction. 

  • Send students the URL via email to launch for extra skill practice outside of school.

  • Teachers can post the URL on their websites for students to access for additional skill/practice. 

  • Model the appropriate use of student resources.

Support Student Learning

  • Initial Learning: Assign prerequisite skills for students to preview the night before a lesson 

  • Continued Learning: Reinforce and support skills covered in class 

  • Remedial Learning: Close learning gaps by allowing students to practice specific skill deficits 

  • Upgrade Learning: Move students to a higher level of competence in skills by assigning above grade level skills for additional practice 

Enhance and Support Classroom Teaching

  • Easily access specific units for whole class or small group instruction

  • Supplement your curriculum/courses with skills that correlate to your pacing guide and reinforce what is being taught in the classroom 


  • Students can share their scores with their friends, parents or teachers via a share link. Note: Time on task and scores are NOT recorded in the Classworks Manager. 

  • Students can have class discussions and reflect on the skills they learned via a discussion board, email, or other communication feature utilized in your school.

Practice Unit Launcher Overview

When students access the unit/skill via the URL, they will be taken to the Practice Unit Launcher. This interface allows students to access and launch all of the unit components as many times as they need to practice the skill.

A. Unit Components: Click on a unit component to access the Start screen. Unit components can be launched multiple times.

B. Results: Click on the Results button to view the time on task and scores. Users can access a special URL to share the scores with friends, family, or a teacher (additional details on pg. 5). Note: Time on task and scores are NOT recorded in the Classworks Manager.

C. Share: (Only available in the Teacher Module) Click the drop-down to access the embed link if embedding into a program that reads HTML code, such as a Learning Management System (if applicable to your LMS) or a website (additional details on pg. 3 & 4).

D. Student Resources: After launching a unit component, the Student Resources icon will always be available in the drop-down. If launching from the shared URL or embed code, all resources except notes will be available.

Locate URL

1. From the Create tab, click on Instruction then the Create New button. 

2. Select the subject for the content search: 

A. Select your grade level

B. You can use the search bar to search for keywords that appear in your state standards

C. By drilling down through the standards and elements, you will find the specific units that tie to the standards that you have chosen.

3. Each unit name is a hyperlink. Click on the unit name to launch the Practice Unit Launcher.

If embedding the link into a program that reads HTML code, such as a website or a Learning Management System (if applicable to your LMS), proceed to step 4.

If pasting the link into a program that does not read HTML code, such as Microsoft Word or an email, copy the URL located in the browser's address bar at the top of your screen. Paste the URL into your desired location (Skip steps 4, 5, & 6).

4. Once the unit has been launched, click the drop-down menu in the top right corner to access the Share & Embed link that has the HTML code.

5. To copy the HTML code, click Select All and then either press Control + C / CMD + C on your keyboard or right-click your mouse over the text and select copy.

6. Paste the HTML code to embed the unit in the desired location.

Once the link has been embedded the students will be able to access the unit by clicking the launch button as seen below: 

When the unit is launched via the link, the scores and time on task are NOT recorded in the Classworks Manager. Students have the ability to share via a URL their time on task and scores with friends, family, or teachers as they complete each unit. 

  • Time on Task displayed is cumulative of all attempts.

  • Scores displayed are only the most recent attempt. 

  • The share link should be accessed prior to exiting. The data is wiped out 2 minutes after closing the browser window.

Sharing the results is optional. If you want students to communicate their results via the share link, we highly recommend you have them practice the steps (below) on how to access, copy, and paste the results URL.

1. Click on the  button to view the time on task and scores for each unit.

2. Once the results have been accessed, click the  button to access the URL needed to share the results.

3. To copy and paste the URL to share the results, click Select All and either press Control + C / CMD + C on your keyboard or right-click your mouse over the text and select copy.

4. Paste the link in the desired location to share.

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