What is the 'My Scores' Dashboard?

What is the 'My Scores' Dashboard?


Students have the ability to monitor their own progress through a variety of widgets on the My Scores dashboard. The dashboard gives students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning by allowing them to set goals, view results and badges earned. 

The student can share his/her dashboard with teachers, parents, and/or friends.

Students will click on My Scores to view progress.

View Progress

The data displayed varies depending on the widget. Some widgets display up-to-date information while others update the data nightly. Weekly Time Spent updates every 2 hours.

  Robot: Students have the ability to change their robot joke up to 3 times per day. Every time the robot head is clicked, a new joke will be generated that students can share with their classmates and create a fun collaborative learning environment.

    Gear Icon : Students can set specific targets. This will allow them to select weekly goals for themselves and take ownership of their learning. 


Students can not only track their own progress, but they also have the ability to share their results with their family, friends or teachers. 

 Share: Clicking the share button allows students to generate a URL to share their progress with others. 

  • Students highlight the URL (this can be done by clicking Select All), right click to copy and then they can share the link. 

  • The URL is not password protected. The regenerate (refresh) icon will generate a new URL and invalidate the old URL. Note: Users will receive an error message when trying to open the shared page if the student has refreshed the URL. 

When a teacher or parent looks at the student's link, it is view only. They can navigate through certain widgets to view the student's progress and can select the Report Detail button to view the My Overall Results report for the student. This report displays both instructional and assessment data for the current grading period only.

Extra Practice

If students could use some extra practice on a particular subject, you can click on the subject icon in the Daily Average section of the My Scores Dashboard. 

From here you can see the details of a unit that has been worked on. By clicking the link you can launch a unit and get extra practice. 

It is important to note that this won't affect the grade on the unit and is only a way to get extra practice on the skill covered in the unit.


As observations are entered, students are able to see these in real-time on their My Scores Dashboard.

Their first three observations will automatically show in a carousel on this page, however, students can view all their observations by clicking “View All” at the top right of their Observations box.

To go back to their My Scores page, they can click the X in the top right of the Observation window.

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