What is the difference between Instructional (I) and Manual (M) mode?

What is the difference between Instructional (I) and Manual (M) mode?

When you assign instruction, it will default to Instructional Mode. This means that the students will proceed through the assignment and unit components in order and cannot skip around. The instructional mode is the recommended mode for most assignments. In some cases, you may want to allow the student to navigate to any unit and any component within that unit to give them additional practice opportunities. To allow this functionality, you can change the assignment to Manual Mode.  

1. From the Classes Tab, click on the class that contains the assignment. Locate the specific assignment on the Instruction Sub Tab

2. Under the Mode Column, click the "I" button to change it to "M" or vice versa

To change the mode for specific students, expand the assignment by clicking on the + symbol beside the assignment name. 

3. Once you've made your changes, click Save at the bottom!
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