What is a District Custom Assessment?

What is a District Custom Assessment?

The district custom functionality allows you to add your own multiple choice items into the Classworks manager. This provides the option to build assessments and assess students' knowledge in areas where Classworks doesn't currently provide questions, such as music, art, PE or even after a school assembly. You can also enter your own items to supplement the Classworks FIND assessment items for Math and Language Arts.

This must be done by someone with District Administrative privileges

Enabling Editor

In order to create, edit and review district custom items, you must enable the editor feature within the Classworks manager. 

1. Click your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks .

2. Click on the Editor sub-tab then click the Enable Editor box to enable the feature.

Adding Members

Once you have enabled the editor feature, you have the ability to add members to either: 

  • Creator Group– Can only create and edit items 

  • Approver Group– Can create, edit, and approve items 

Note : Users in these groups will see the option in the user drop-down menu for  Assessment Item Editor .

1. Click your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks .

2. Click on the Editor sub-tab and click on +add new next to the appropriate group.

3. On the right side of the screen, enter your search criteria. 

Search criteria include: 

  • Search within user's current group 

  • Search by user last name

4. After entering your search criteria, click the Search button.

5. Select the user(s) for the group on the right side by placing a check beside the name(s).

6. Click the Add Users to Group button.

7.  (Optional) Reset the search as needed by clicking the Reset Search button. Then repeat steps 3-6. 
Note : To remove a user from the group, find the user's name on the left-hand side of the screen and click the recycling icon. 

8. Click the Save button.

Entering Custom Subjects, Strands, and Tags

(Optional) Districts have the ability to enter their own subject(s), strand(s) and tags within Classworks. 

Subject(s) and Strand(s) - Districts have the ability to enter a subject that they wish to assess along with the correlating strands. ex. Subject-Science; StrandLife Sciences. This is applicable when you want to create items for subjects other than Mathematics and Language Arts. This can be done by clicking on the user drop-down menu, selecting Administration and navigating to the Editor sub-tab.

1. In the District Item Information Section, click the Add button to the right.

2. Add the appropriate subject and correlating strand.

3. Once the subject and strand have been added, click OK .

Item Tags – Tags allow you to easily locate and group items together when creating a district custom assessment. 150 character max . ex. 1st 9 weeks 5th-grade science test. This can be done by clicking on the user drop-down menu, selecting Administration and navigating to the Editor sub-tab.

1. In the Item Tags section, click on the Add button to the right.

2. Add tag name.

3. Once tag name has been added, click OK .


Q: Will assessments that contain district custom items generate an Instructional Learning Path (ILP)? 

A: ILP's are not generated from assessments that contain district custom items. 

Q: What reports are available? 

A: Currently, there are no PDF reports available for this assessment. There are 2 reports which can be exported to a file, Student Results Report and Item Performance Report.  

Q: What type of questions can I create? 

A: Multiple choice questions only. 

Q: Can I copy/paste items? 

A: You have the ability to copy and paste text from additional sources to add into the text boxes. To ensure HTML compatibility, use the “Remove Formatting” icon if copying from an external source, such as Microsoft Word. Images cannot be copy and pasted. They must be uploaded. 

Q: Can math symbols be used? How do we handle them? 

A: Basic math symbols can be used. Other math symbols can be uploaded as an image.

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