How do I change the grade level of my student's Universal Screener?

How do I change the grade level of my student's Universal Screener?


  1. Override Assessment Level is available for use with Classworks Universal Screeners.
Many districts develop or use existing guidelines to determine when students' interests are served through out-of-level testing. This feature should only be used in special circumstances. 
  1. The feature is designed to create a more comfortable testing experience for students who perform significantly below or above their chronological grade level in Mathematics and/or Reading due to developmental difficulties (e.g., special education or gifted).
  1. If the grade level override is used, the student's Universal Screener experience will be based on the grade level you select rather than the student's chronological grade, as is typically the case. 

Step-by-Step Process

1. Click on the name of the student. The Student Details screen will appear.

2. Click student settings in the top-right.

3. Under Grade Level Assessment Override, check the box next to the subject and choose the grade level desired. This will allow the student to be assessed at the grade level you selected.


4. Click Save!
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