What can I do to motivate my students?

What can I do to motivate my students?

There is no limit to what you could do to help motivate your students using Classworks. We have a list of 100 ways to motivate your students that you can find here. You can use our Bulletin Board kit as a great place to start.  Below are some other ideas that you could try to get your students motivated with Classworks.

  • Students with 90% mastery level each week receive a free “Sit with your best friend during lunch” pass for 1 day.

  • Students with an 80% mastery level each week get to wear crazy socks on Friday!

  • For class competition within grade levels, the class with the most usage AND a 70% minimum average receives an extra 10 minutes recess weekly!

  • Create a "Classworks Wall" where teachers can post the printable certificates generated by Classworks.

  • Students with a 70% mastery level and required TOT are put into a drawing for a prize each semester. Choose 1 Boy and 1 Girl Winner!

  • The class with the most growth on the Assessment from Fall to Spring receive a new set of earbuds!

  • Positive note home or Teacher sends home the Monthly Certificates

  • Class with the highest average earned gets a pizza party at the end of the month.

  • Give a ticket for every “A”. Kids keep up with them and use them to "buy" stuff at the end of the week.

  • Evens/Odds Coupons-Students only have to do the evens or the odds of a homework assignment.

  • One extra day to complete a homework assignment coupon, or a Free Pass on homework for one night.

  • Supplies pencils, sheets of paper, crayons, markers, etc.

  • Book Club Points-If you order from a book club, use your free points to buy books that the students will enjoy taking home. 

  • Extra Recess

  • Sit at the teacher’s desk

  • Move your desk next to a friend (for the day)

  • Recognition on the morning announcements

  • Stars or prizes for units completed. Teacher keeps die cut stars on their desk for students to autograph when they successfully complete units. Place stars on a bulletin board for the students to view each other’s success.

  • Students earning an "Exceptional Time on Task" or "Exceptional Scores" certificate will get to sit on the stage with a friend during lunch.

  • Students earning four or more "Exceptional Scores" certificates will earn an ice cream party at the end of the school year.

  • Students earning six or more "Exceptional Scores" certificates will attend a bounce around party in September to kick off the new year.

Be sure to share any ideas that you have with us. We always love to hear your creative ideas!

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