What are student shields, characters, trophies, and certificates?

What are student shields, characters, trophies, and certificates?

Students in grades K-8 can earn achievements in each subject: Math & Reading/Language Arts. In this article we will go over the types of achievements they can receive, how students receive each of these, and where you can find them! 


Silver Shield: For every 150 minutes a student spends working in Classworks instruction, a student will earn/unlock a silver shield. Once 150 minutes is reached, the timer begins for the next 150 minutes. 

Gold Shield: Once a student has received 5 Silver Shields (750 min. total time-on-task), they receive a Gold Shield and the Silver Shield Display is reset. The student will receive a printable certificate. The teacher will be able to print out a Classworks certificate to display/give the student to mark their achievement. 

Note: Time spent in assessments does not count toward incentives. Students can see their shields from the Student Dashboard under My Scores by clicking the “View Progress” button. 


Students earn a certificate every time they receive a Gold Shield (750 minutes spent in instruction. This is available for the teacher to print from the student's trophy room (see below)

Teachers can also print a certificate of achievement for students right here in our Help Center! This can be used to recognize any student's accomplishments in either subject, at any time, regardless of their current progress. Click here to find our blank certificates!

We also offer a certificate that can be printed out and awarded to All Star Teachers! That's right! We also want to give schools the ability to print a certificate to recognize teachers that are great Classworks advocates. Click here to find the teacher certificate.


When a student achieves 150 minutes time-on-task in a subject, Classworks determines the overall mastery level of that subject. If the overall mastery percentage is 70% or greater at the time that the 150 minutes is reached, a character will be earned for the student. If the student has not earned any characters, there will be no image displayed in their My Scores page. 

Note: Mastery is calculated using the Unit Scores only (Unit scores are their quiz scores unless a unit has no quiz. In that case, it's an average of their activity scores.)


When students earn all 5 characters in a subject, and complete an additional 150 min with 70% or greater mastery, they will then earn a Gold Trophy and the characters will be reset.

Access and Print a Student's Certificate

A star will display beside a student's name in the Teacher Module when a student has new accomplishments in their Trophy room. You can find the star next to a student's name either from the Classes tab or the Individualized Learning tab.

Click on the gold star when you are ready to view the new accomplishments for a student. Additionally, badges can be accessed anytime you are viewing the student details page.

Note: The star will be gold when there is a new achievement, but will gray out after the first time you click to view. You can click on the gray star at any time to access the trophy room.

Certificates are the only achievements that are printable from this page. Click the Print link to the right of the certificate to print it. If you wish to print out any of the other achievements, you can do so by accessing and downloading our Bulletin Board Kit here.

Ways to Use

Implementation Ideas: 

  • Explain to your students how they earn shields and characters. 

  • Set expectations as to how often they can view their Badges Widget during a class period. 

  • Create a bar graph in your classroom that displays the number of shields and characters your class earns or that each student earns. Make it a competition! 

  • As students earn certificates, print two copies - One to send home to parents and one to display on your classroom bulletin board. 

  • Encourage students to do their best in Classworks!

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