What are custom assessments and how do I create one?

What are custom assessments and how do I create one?

A Custom Assessment is used to assess knowledge of particular skills, strands, and/or standards. It can be administered frequently to measure a small number of specific skills, or it can be used broadly to measure a larger number of skills. It can also be administered as a pre- and post-test to measure learning gains. 

When creating the assessment, you can refine it by subject, grade, state standards or strand/skill. An individualized learning path (ILP) can be created for each student. 

Note: If you plan to administer the same custom assessment more than once to document student growth, you must re-assign the same test instance. 

Create a new Custom Assessment

1. Click on the Create tab then click Assessments. Under My Created Assessments, click the Create New Button:

2. Select which subject you'd like to use to create your custom assessment (Language Arts or Mathematics).

3. Select the grade level you'd like to use.

Note: You also have the option to enter any keywords to search for.

4. Click through the options listed to get to the standards you want to include.

Note: By hovering over the standard, you can read the full standard description.

5. Click the + symbol to add skills to your assessment. After clicking the + symbol, you'll see the assessment objectives that you've added to the right.

Note: You can click Back to find more skills in other standards if you'd like. You can also click the Trash icon to remove a skill from your assessment objectives.

6. When you are ready, click Next.

7. On the next page, name the assessment; this is what the student will see.

8. Optional: Select an icon; click Change if you want to use a different icon.

9. Enter a description. The student doesn't see this, but it can help you if you need to remember what you created.

10. Choose your Assessment Characteristics. You have the option to change the percentage of what you consider 'Mastered", as well as choose the length of the assessment.

11. The assessment is set to automatically create an ILP for each student, as noted by the checked Create ILP box. If you just want this assessment to only assess student knowledge, then uncheck the Create ILP box. 

12. Add Message: You can type out a message that your students will see before they take the assessment. This might include special instructions.

13. Add Resources: Include additional resources that the teacher assigning the assessment can provide to students via a printed PDF or shared via other platforms. You can add them by clicking the Add Resources between. Once teachers assign the assessment, the teacher can access the assessment resources under the Assessment Details Popup in Classes.

Note: Students do not have access to these resources. These are only visible to the teacher.

14. If you need to rearrange any of the objectives, you can drag and drop them in any order you wish. Also, you can click the trash icon to remove an objective.

15. To see what your assessment will look like, click Preview in the bottom right. When you are ready, click Create.

Assign Test

Creating a custom assessment is separate from assigning it to a class or classes. The steps on assigning your Custom Assessment can be found here.

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