What are Administrative Tasks?

What are Administrative Tasks?


Most schools and school districts prefer to assign specific persons to perform certain tasks related to Classworks, rather than add to the tasks teachers are usually required to perform. Typically, those with Classworks administrative responsibilities are called “District Manager” or “Site Manager.”

User Permissions

Administrative tasks are assigned based on a user's permissions. What a District or Site Manager sees (and can do) when accessing the Administration tab, depends on his or her user permissions. Any task that affects more than one school is performed by those with district-level permissions. A Site Manager at a school can only perform tasks related to his/her school and its students.

Administrative Sub-Tabs

The Administration Tab has multiple sub tabs, each with its specific functionality. 

Remember: You can only see those tabs that you have permission to view.




  • Create users (students and staff) 

  • Edit users (students and staff) 

  • View the group(s) a user is enrolled in 

  • View the classes a student is enrolled in 

  • Enable/Disable/Delete a user 

  • Check for duplicate users 

  • Export users into a spreadsheet 

  • View the members of each group 

  • Add/Remove users from groups 

  • Move students between school groups 

  • Create a custom group (District Only) 

  • Add/Remove students from a custom group

  • View active Classworks products 

  • View hosting agreement

  • Create classes 

  • Edit/Delete classes 

  • Assign instruction/assessment

  • Share assignments (created by you or by other users) district-wide (District Only) Note: The Add/Update is for corporate office use.

  • Share assessments (created by you or by other users) district-wide (District Only) Note: The Add/Update is for corporate office use.

  • Enable/Disable Classworks assessments (District Only)

  • Select Testing windows for Classworks assessments (District Only)

  • Customize messages (District Only) 

  • Authentication configuration for LTI, Microsoft, and/or Google (District Only) 

  • Manage District Integrations (District Only)

  • Disable content by school or district (District Only)

  • Schedule end-of-year procedures (District Only)

  • Disable/Enable student incentive program

  • Create/Manage District-created assessment items (Permissions, Items, Tags, etc...) (District Only)

  • Import enrollment and/or class data (District Only) 

Data Archive
  • Access the previous year's archived data export

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