Student Groups

Student Groups

Using Classworks Groups, teachers can easily differentiate instruction for their groups of students based on which domains students need to work on. Classworks automatically groups students based on domain-specific data from each student’s Universal Screener assessment results. Often teachers are using assessment data to determine groups but they have to analyze the data and do it themselves. Classworks Groups will save teachers time by automatically doing the analysis and then recommending student groups for them.

Here are a few minute clips to assist with Student Groups.

To access Groups:

1. In the Classes tab, click on your Class Name: 

2. By default, you will be brought to the grouping page for your Class 

3. Select a subject (Reading or Mathematics) 

4. Select the testing grade level 

5. By default, all domains for that subject will be selected. If desired, click the Domain dropdown to narrow down to a specific domain. 

6. Finally, select a testing window 

7. You will now see your students grouped together based on their results for all domains or the specific domain selected.

  • Group 1 - Student scores are one or more grade levels below

  • Group 2 - Student scores are on grade level but did not meet time of year targets

  • Group 3 - Student scores are on grade level and met/exceeded time of year targets

  • Group 4 - Student scores are one or more grade levels above

  • Group 5 - No scores available for students

8. Click on any Group to view student Universal Screener Data. Here you will see:

  • Date of Completion (most recent attempt)

  • Duration - how much time did the student spend on the screener

  • Rush - did they rush in taking the assessment or take their time. Keep in mind, the screener takes on average 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

  • PR - Student's Percentile Ranking

  • Overall - The student's overall Grade Level Equivalency (GLE) for that subject

  • Domain-Specific GLE

9. Click on any Column Header to sort by that column: 

10. Click on a student's name to view their individual test data:


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