Classworks supports all state versions of the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress ® (MAP ®) assessments, including: Language 2-12, Mathematics 2-5, Mathematics 6+, Mathematics Primary Grades, Reading 2-5, Reading 6+, and Reading Primary Grades. Classworks uses this data to generate individualized learning for each student. 

To connect Classworks to NWEA Growth, you will need to login to the MAP Growth Administration site and enable Classworks under “Manage Data Partners”. 

Here is a link provided by NWEA to complete those steps: https://community.nwea.org/docs/DOC-2689 

Keep in mind, it is extremely important that the ID in NWEA matches the district user id in Classworks. 

Once you have completed the steps provided in the link, let us know at hello@classworks.com so that we may complete the integration on our end!

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