My Pinned Reports

My Pinned Reports

Classworks makes it easy to access your most frequently created and used reports! With My Pinned Reports, you can pick and choose which reports you use the most and pin them to the top of your list. This way, no extra time is spent looking through the options to find the report you need! 

Pin a Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab, then using the menu on the left, find the report you would like to pin.

2. Once you find the report, click Pin Report:

3. This report will now be listed under My Pinned Reports for quick and easy access: 

Unpin a Report

1. If you no longer want a report pinned, go to My Pinned Reports, then click Unpin Report for that report.

2. This report will be removed from My Pinned Reports, but will still be accessible by navigating through the menu options on the left!

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