Introduction to the Best Practices for Creating a Successful RTI Process for your School

Introduction to the Best Practices for Creating a Successful RTI Process for your School

Implementing a successful school or districtwide RTI or MTSS program has a tremendous impact on student success, but it can be a challenge. Our approach to tiered intervention has proven effective in helping millions of students turn learning gaps into tremendous growth. Classworks Web Series, Spotlight on RTI: Best Practices for Creating a Successful RTI Process for your School, breaks down each tier of the intervention process to: 

  1. Deepen your understanding of RTI from screening and intervening to progress monitoring and data-driven instructional adjustments 

  2. Understand the resources you need for each tier and how to apply them to your own school or district  

The eight-episode series includes videos, resources, and practical suggestions to help you effectively support RTI in your school or district. Each episode is designed to build on the previous, giving you a complete picture of a successful RTI program by the end of the series. Each video is short and can be accessed on your own time, to fit your busy schedules. 


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