How do students manage their goals?

How do students manage their goals?

When students log in, they will see the Goal Tracker in their dashboard. Use the steps below to manage goals as a student!

1. Click "View Goals"

2. This page will show all previous goals as well as their current goal. Click on the Current Goal to manage it:

3. On this page students can Edit their goal, mark as Accomplished or Not Met, send a comment to their teacher, update their Confidence level, as well as view any teacher comments and the entire Goal Timeline:

4. To Edit their goal, click Edit Goal in the top right:

5. On the Edit Goal page, students will be able to change each part of their goal, including Goal Color and Confidence Level. Once changes are made, click Edit Goal!

6. Within the goal timeline, students can update their teachers on how their goal is going! Type in a message in the box, select your new confidence level, and post.

Once posted, the timeline will immediately update to reflect this post:

7. If their teacher comments on the goal, there will be a "New Teacher Comment" Flag on the goal, and students will also be able to see that comment directly in the Goal Timeline:

8. Finally, at any point, students can mark their goal as Accomplished or Not Met.

Note: If a student accidentally marks a goal as Accomplished or Not Met, they will need to reach out to their teacher for it to be reopened.

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