How do I use the Progress Monitoring filters to monitor my students?

How do I use the Progress Monitoring filters to monitor my students?

The filters on the Progress Monitoring page make it easy to check the Progress Monitoring status of a single student or a specific group of students.

By using one or more filters at a time, teachers are able to view the Progress Monitoring status for very specific groups of students.

Filters available:

School: If you have access to more than one school in your district, you will have to select which school you'd like to look at before you can apply any additional filters.

Grade: This is the actual grade level of the student, not the intervention level. Grades range from Pre-K to 12.

Class: You can filter by the class a student is a part of. Teachers can use this filter to look at their classes individually.

Custom Group: If students are a part of a custom group in Classworks, teachers can use this filter to view them.

Last Name: Use the last name filter to find an individual student by name.

First Name: Use the first name filter to find an individual student by name.

Subject: Filter for students that have CBMs in Language Arts and/or Mathematics.

Universal Screener: Use this filter to view suggested tier levels based on the Classworks Universal Screener or your district Assessment (such as Renaissance Growth or NWEA)

PM Status: This filter allows you to narrow your search to look for students that have active or inactive Progress Monitoring Sessions.

Suggested Tier: Use this filter to populate a list of students based on their suggested tier levels. Select from All, Urgent Intervention, Intervention, On Watch, or At/Above Grade Level.

PM Type: Use this filter to view all students who are being monitored by a specific type of progress monitoring. Choose curriculum sampling or skills-based.

PM Level: Levels range from K-8. This is the level of CBM that has been assigned to the student. Please note, Skill Based CBM probes include levels 1-8.

Current Rate of Improvement: To view students by their performance on their target goal, choose Below(Target), TBD(To Be Determined), or On (Target).

Complete this week: Select 'Yes' if you would like to view all students that have completed their CBM Probe for the current week. Select 'No' if you'd like to see students that have not completed the week's CBM.

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