How do I schedule a report?

How do I schedule a report?

When creating a report, you have the option to schedule the report. You would schedule the report when you want the report to be automatically delivered to your email inbox on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly. 

Schedule a Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click create for the report you would like to schedule.

2. Select your students and Report Options, then click Schedule.

3. Modify your Subscription Details as desired. 

  • Frequency: Set how often the report will be delivered to your inbox.

  • Date: Select the date for the scheduled report to begin (if you selected monthly, this is the date each month the report will be generated).

  • Time: Select a time for the report to be generated. We recommend the report be scheduled overnight.

  • End Date: For weekly or monthly schedules, add an end date for when you would like these reports to stop generating.

4. Click add users to select the recipients:

  • Place a check beside each recipient.

  • Verified Email: If the recipient shows unverified, you can add them as a recipient, however, they will not receive the scheduled report until they verify their email address.

  • Click the Add Users button then Save!

View Your Scheduled Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click manage subscriptions at the top:

2. You will see all scheduled reports there.

Manage Scheduled Reports

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click the button manage subscriptions.

2. Click the menu option to the right of the report you would like to view more information for. 

  1. All Reports: view all reports that have been previously generated. 
  1. Edit: edit the frequency of the report and the recipients. 
  1. Delete: delete the schedule report and all reports that were previously generated with it.

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