How do I import users in bulk?

How do I import users in bulk?

This document explains how to import both student and staff bulk enrollment files into Classworks. Both staff and students can be on the same file or you can import two separate files (one for students and one for staff members) if you prefer.

Only users with District Administrative rights within Classworks can perform the following steps.

File Preparation

  1. In order to ensure that all students and staff are imported into the correct school group, it helps to make sure you check each school’s SIS ID/Code. You can do this by clicking on the Administration Tab and the Schools sub-tab. 

  2. Prior to import, you will need to extract the required data from your SIS into a .csv file. It must be saved in a .csv format. If you are using a Mac, you will need to save your file in a MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv) format to ensure students/staff are matched to the appropriate schools. 

  3. Each Field (required fields listed below) must be its own separate column. 

  4. You may choose to have column headings on your file, but they are not required. If you use our column headings (see chart below), Classworks will auto-match the columns for you. If you do not use our column headings or do not have any column headings, you will be able to match the columns during the process.

Sample Download File

Click here to download a sample .csv file with the correct column headings.

Required Fields

First Name
Last Name
District ID
User Type (0= student; 1=staff)
Grade (K = Kindergarten, Pre-K = Pre-Kindergarten, 1-12)
Email Address
School SIS ID

Optional Fields

In addition to the required fields listed above, you can include these optional fields.

Middle Name
State User ID
Alternate User ID
Limited English
Economically Disadvantaged

Uploading the User Enrollment File

1. In the top right, click your name and select the Manage Classworks page.

2. Select the Import sub-tab. 

3. Click on “+ Create New” link.

4. Select the import type: User Data.

5. Select a File:

Add a description for the enrollment information that will be uploaded. This is an optional step. (Example: First Street ES Student File)

Click the Upload File button to select the .csv file that contains all student and/or staff data for the bulk enrollment import. You will see a popup and click on Choose Files. Navigate to wherever you have your files stored. After selecting the file(s), click Send and the click Next.

6. Map Fields.

On this screen, match the import fields from the .csv file to the user fields in Classworks. The fields that are required to be matched are denoted by an asterisk (*).

To match the fields from your file, click on the field from the file (right side of the screen) and the Classworks field (left side of the screen) to be matched as shown in the example above. Click the Match button.

This process will continue until all required fields have been mapped.

If a column is matched incorrectly, select the incorrectly matched column on the left and click the Unmatch button.

Fields with the exact column heading will automatically be matched for you. Any remaining fields that need to be manually matched will be listed on the right side of the screen.

7. Once all required fields have been matched, click Next

There may be some fields remaining on both sides that have not been matched. As long as all required fields (*) are fulfilled you may move on.

8. School Mapping:

Map each school with the corresponding Classworks value. Select the correct school name from the drop down box to the left of each value. When you have finished mapping, click Next.

Note: If your .csv file included SIS Codes for your schools, you can match using them, as well.

9. Validate File:

The Validate File screen allows you to review any errors and/or potential issues that exist on your imported file and also provides suggestions on how to resolve them. 

  • All errors must be resolved before moving on to the next step in the enrollment process.

  • The yellow caution symbol indicates an issue has been detected in the file that may cause a problem. Although you can continue, we highly recommend fixing the issue before moving forward. 

If errors are found, you will be required to fix the items on the enrollment file. Click Close X to exit this screen and begin the process again with the corrected file.

10. Additional Actions:

The Additional Actions screen allows you to choose a resolution for any conflicts that may be found during the enrollment process. 

A. CONFLICT RESOLUTION: “Imported Record Wins” means that when a conflict occurs, the information on your imported file will replace the information already in the Classworks manager. “Existing Record Wins” means that when a conflict occurs, the information already in the manager will NOT be replaced by what is on your imported file.

What is a conflict? A conflict occurs when a user on the file is matched with a user already in the Classworks system but there is a field that is different in the file than what is in the system.

Example: Robert Smith is on the import file and Bob Smith is in the Classworks manager. Since the district ID numbers are identical for both users, Classworks identifies these two as the same user and will match them. The selections made on this screen tell Classworks how to handle the fact that there is a field different in the file than in the manager (in this case, the user's first name).

B. MAINTAIN EXISTING USER'S PASSWORD: If a password conflict occurs, “Maintain Password” will keep the password that is already assigned to each user in the Classworks manager. “Overwrite Password” will overwrite the password that is already in the Classworks manager with what is on your import file.

Optional: These are optional actions that can be performed during the enrollment process.

C. ADD USERS TO CUSTOM GROUP: Select this box if you would like the student users to be automatically placed in a custom group within Classworks.

Note: Custom groups must be created prior. All users on the file will be added to the custom group if this option is selected.

D. EMAIL USERS THEIR LOGIN INFORMATION: Select this box if you would like all staff users to receive their login information by email.

Note: This option requires the email addresses to be included on the enrollment file. If users do not receive the email, have them check their spam folder. If tagged as spam, please talk to your district tech to prevent this in the future.

11. Once all options have been selected, click Next.

12. The Review screen allows you to review your selections chosen in steps 1-5. Once you have reviewed all, click Submit to complete the enrollment process. 

13. If you want to change any of your selections, click Close X to start the process over from the beginning.

All enrollment processing will be performed during off-peak hours. You will receive notification via email once the process has been completed and all users have been enrolled.

Import History

After submitting the file, you can access the details of the import by navigating back to the Administration page > Import sub-tab. 

You will see the following: 

  • Import Number 

  • Description (if you entered one) 

  • Type 

  • Status 

  • Complete Date 

Click on the Import Number to view the details of the import. You also have the option to download a copy of the file that was imported.

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