How do I determine a student's CBM level?

How do I determine a student's CBM level?

Curriculum-based Measurements (CBM) are considered formal progress monitoring because the probes have been established as valid and reliable. Best practices for CBM’s include: 
  • Tracking a long term goal for IEPs and/or MTSS supports

  • Focusing on Instructional-level probes rather than grade-level

If the student has taken the Classworks Universal Screener, the student's CBM level is automatically recommended based on their results. Use the following information to easily start Progress Monitoring.

Find student’s instructional readiness levels via the Screening Tab and/or Reports. 

Screening Tab

Once a student completes the Universal Screener, review domain readiness levels by launching the student’s Screening Tab. Find a breakdown of each tested domain, the vertical scaled score, and the corresponding readiness level.

Skill-based Progress Monitoring

These identified skill-based GLEs are best used to determine the CMB for Skill-based Progress Monitoring. By assigning Skill-based Progress Monitoring, an instructional "Play List" appears for students based on the domain the teacher selected that intensifying instructional support on this specific area. 

When determining which skill to focus on for Progress Monitoring, target the domain with the biggest instructional gap from their seated grade level and the domain that has the most influence on the other domains. 

Curriculum Sampling Progress Monitoring

Additionally, at the top, find the GLE which indicates the student’s overall instructional level. This is the best CBM level for Curriculum Sampling Progress Monitoring

Assessment Reports

The Universal Screener Results: RtI Recommendations Report

This report includes the recommended PM Level. Click here for instructions on generating this report.

Student Screener Summary Report

 This report includes the student’s instructional level. Click here for instructions on generating this report. 

Using Other Data Points

If the student has grade-level equivalency from an outside assessment (NWEA Map Skills, Renaissance Star, etc.) the teacher can select the appropriate level when starting the CBM for a student.

We strongly recommend using current valid and reliable data when starting a student on Progress Monitoring. Your Account Manager can help guide you.