How do I create a new class?

How do I create a new class?

To create a new class, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Classes Tab then click Create Class.

2. The New Class screen will display.

Class Name and Icon

1. To name a class, use the following guidelines:

Note: If the classes work on a block schedule, semester schedule, quarter schedule, etc. then add a designation for this to the class name. For a 1st semester class, an example would be: JacksonP Algebra 1 per 2 S1

2. Click Select Icon. Scroll through the available icons and click on the one you want to use to represent the class.

Add Teachers

1. As a teacher, your name will automatically populate as the primary Teacher. If you are an admin, click the "add co-teacher" button to find and select the teacher you are creating this class for. 

2. To give additional teachers access to view and edit this class, click "add co-teacher."

3. Check the boxes of those teachers to whom you want to give viewing and editing permission.

4. When you are finished selecting teachers, click the Add button.

Add Students

1. Click "add student"

2. Select the desired grade level and click "search."

3. A list of students who fit your criteria will display.

4. Check the box to the left of each student name you want to include in this class.
If you want to select all the students, put a check before the top box next to Name.

5. Click Add.

6. If you’ve made an error and need to remove a student, put a check before his/her name in the Student list. Click Actions > Remove.

7. Once you are satisfied with the list of students in the New Class box, click the Save button at the bottom!

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