How do I create a District Custom Assessment?

How do I create a District Custom Assessment?

A District Custom Assessment is used to assess knowledge of particular skills, strands and/or standards by using your district created and approved items (and Classworks created items if desired.) It can be administered frequently to measure a small number of specific skills, or it can be used broadly to measure a larger number of skills. 

In order to create an assessment with your district created items, the items must be approved by a user in the “Approver” group. 

If you plan to administer the same district custom assessment more than once to document student growth, you must reassign the same test instance.

Create a New District Custom Assessment

1. Click on the Create tab then click Assessments. Under My Created Assessments, click the Create New Button:

2. Select District Custom Assessment as the type you are creating:


  1. Select District Custom from the Test Type drop-down box.
  2. Choose the Subject from the drop-down box.
  3. Choose the grade or grade range by adjusting the sliders at each end.
  4. Click Next.

Refine the List of Items

4. Assessment Details: View the subject, grade(s), number of available test items, and the number of items currently on your assessment.

Item Refinement: Narrow down the list of available items using the available refinements. Click the + symbol to expand and select your criteria. 

  • Strand: This may be Classworks strands or district created strands. 

  • Item Tags: Available if your district added custom tags to the items. 

  • Item Type: Narrow down to view only Classworks created or district created items (both are automatically displayed, if available). 

  • Cognitive Complexity: Narrow down the items by level of rigor. Higher and Lower apply to Classworks created items. The numbers 1-5 apply to your district created items. 

Select Your Items

5. After refining the list of available items, select the items for your assessment. 

  • To do this, click on the items in the Available Items section you want on your test (Note: you can select multiple at once by holding down shift or ctrl while clicking the items). Drag and drop the selected items into the Current Assessment Items section. 

  • Click the Review Assessment button to preview the items listed in the Current Assessment Items section. 

Available Items: This section lists all of the test items available. District created items are designated by a “D” in front of the item number. You can sort by item number or by strand by clicking the corresponding column heading. 

Current Assessment Items: This section lists all of the test items you selected to be on your assessment. You can sort by item number or strand by clicking the corresponding column heading. To delete an item from this list, click on the recycle bin icon. The item will reappear in the “Available Items” section.

6. Once you have finalized the list of items on your test, click the Next button.

Finalize District Assessment


  1. Name the assessment
  2. Enter an assessment description (optional) and select a unique icon (optional)
  3. Optional: You have the ability to require students to type in a security code before they can access the assessment. By checking the box for Secure Assessment, students can only take the assessment after being given the unlock code.

8. (Optional) Click on Add Message to create a custom message for the student(s) to view before taking the assessment. 

The custom message is limited to 255 characters. Once the message is complete, click Save.

9. (Optional) Click on Add Resources to attach additional documents that may be needed to complete or administer the assessment.
These are accessible by staff members only

Click on the file folder icon () to browse, select and upload files. The documents can be in pdf, doc, xls, jpg or png format. 

Click on the world icon () to attach a specific URL and to include a description of the URL to the list.

Note: If you have mistakenly uploaded a file or URL, clicking delete will immediately remove the link or file.

10. Select the assessment characteristics: 

Randomize: If checked, the questions within an objective and answers choices within a question will be randomized; this helps minimize cheating.

View Incorrect Answers: If checked, the students can review their answers after they complete the test.

Bookmark: If checked (recommended), the student answers will be saved if the test is not completed in one sitting.

Allow Staff to Preview Assessment: This feature is defaulted on for staff and allows them to preview the assessment.

Secure Assessment: If checked students will be required to enter a security code in order to access the assessment. See below for more information on the secure assessment feature.

11. Optional: Click the Review Assessment button to verify it is final. 

Click the Refine Assessment button if you wish to return to the previous screen to add/remove items. 

12. Click Save
Once you click save, you cannot go back and edit which questions will appear on the test.

Assign Test

Once you have created and saved the District Custom Assessment you must assign it to your student(s) or your class.

Test Security

If the secure assessment option was selected, there are two places for teachers to locate the unlock code: 

  • On the Classes tab > Assessment sub-tab: Expand the appropriate test type by clicking the + symbol next to custom. In the parenthesis next to assessment name the unlock code is listed. 

  • By clicking on the assessment name, the assessment details window pops up. The unlock code can found under the icon toolbar. 

Note: If the unlock code has been compromised teachers can click on the Regenerate hyperlink and a new unlock code will be displayed immediately. 

Once you are ready for the students to take the secure assessment they will be required to enter the access code in order to start the test. The code is NOT case sensitive.

Access Additional Resources

If additional resources were attached, they can be accessed by following the steps below:

1. Once the test is assigned, click on the name of the assessment from the Classes tab > Assessment sub-tab.

2. The Assessment Details pop-up will appear.

3. Click View Resources to access documents that were added.

Additional Options

From the Create tab > Assessments > My Created Assessments section: 

Find your district assessment and click the options button (3 dots) out to the right.

  1. To edit the assessment: Click Edit 
  2. To share the assessment: Click Share
  3. To delete the assessment: Click Delete

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