How can parents track a student's progress?

How can parents track a student's progress?

Keep track of your student's progress in Classworks with the My Scores dashboard! When a student is logged into Classworks they can navigate to their My Scores dashboard to get a shareable link. This link is good for the entire year.  Bookmark it to see what your child is working on and how they are performing in each subject.  

This is a great way to see what your child is currently working on within Classworks!

When the student is logged in, they can click on the View Progress button under the My Scores section of their Dashboard. 

Once they are on the My Scores Dashboard you can see all of their progress across each subject including how well they are performing, how much time was spent (note: the time spent updates every 2 hours and is not in real time), as well as what badges, shields, and trophies were earned. The view can be changed to view by this week, last week, or this month. 

You'll also see a yellow button that says Share. After clicking it, you'll see a URL that can be copied and shared. 

Parents can save this link or bookmark it to be able to come back to the dashboard to check in on their student's progress. The link is unique for your student and will be active for the entire school year. 

Extra Practice

If you notice that your child isn't doing well or needs some extra practice on a particular subject, you can click on the subject icon in the Daily Average section of the My Scores Dashboard. 

From here you can see the details of a unit that the student has worked on. By clicking the link a student can launch a unit and get extra practice. 

It is important to note that this won't affect the student's grade on the unit and is only a way to get extra practice on the skill covered in the unit.

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