How can I view and grade Integrated Reading assignments?

How can I view and grade Integrated Reading assignments?


This document provides directions regarding how to: 

  • View student highlights & notes in real-time 

  • Real-time information gives you insight into student thinking prior to the student completing the activity. Great for conferencing with students about their work. 

  • View student responses to the individual questions 

  • Print an individual student's highlights, notes, and responses 

  • Grade the open-ended questions

View Responses

Teachers have the ability to view student(s) responses, highlights, and notes for passages or answer choices within Classworks integrated reading units. 

1. From the Classes Tab, click on the class name to select your class, then click the instruction sub-tab.

2. Click on the + symbol next to the appropriate assignment.

3. Click the Review button next to the name of the student to launch the menu panel.

4. The left side of the screen lists all units you can review. You also have the ability to expand each unit to view a specific question. 

5. Click the unit name to launch the activity to review.

A. The top panel on the review page lists the student name, unit name and number, student time on task, results (student score), and class average. If the student has not completed the activity the results section will display the current status of the activity.

B. The default view, once the unit is selected, is the passage page. You are able to view all highlights and notes the student has made. To view the note, click the note icon and the note panel will appear.

6. Once you have reviewed the passage page, click Next (at the bottom of the page) to move to the next page in the activity.

7. Each question will display on the left side of the screen, with the passage on the right of the screen.

  • Correct answers are shown with a check-mark. 

  • Incorrect answers are shown with an X and the distractor rationale listed under the answer choice. 

Click Next or Back to navigate through the activity.

8. Once you have reviewed all components of the unit for the selected student you can select a new unit by clicking Next Unit or clicking the unit name on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. 

You can also choose to view additional students' data for the same unit by selecting Previous Student or Next Student in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Individual results can be printed. Complete steps 1-3 above. Then place a check in the box next to the unit name(s) on the left side of the screen. Click the Print Selected button. You can choose to print results for multiple units at one time, but only for the student you are currently viewing.  

Grading Open-Ended Questions

Each activity includes one open-ended question that can be answered with text and/or a drawing. In order for the integrated reading units to be completely scored, teachers can manually grade and track the progress of these open-ended questions.

1. From the Classes Tab, click on the class name to select your class.

2. Click on the Grade button next to the Integrated Reading assignment you wish to open and grade.

3. All units within the assignment will display on the left side of the screen. Click on the unit name to open the results and grading page for the selected unit.

4. Once the unit has been selected, you have the ability to select which users' data you would like to view using the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Ready for Grading (Default): Includes students who have submitted an online response to the question, either text or image.

Submitted Offline: Includes students who chose not to submit an online response to the question. This would apply to those that may have completed the offline PDF.

Graded: Includes students whose responses have already been graded.

A. Each activity grading page contains the class name, assignment name, and unit name and number. 

B. Teachers have the ability to enter grades for all students who fall under the selected grading category. Note: These scores can be entered for users under both ready to grade and submitted offline. 

  • Illustration and Text responses have separate grading fields and only one is required in order for a grade to be calculated. If both fields are entered an average of the two will be used as the value. 

  • Only valid numbers between 0 and 100 can be entered. Note: Percent symbols, alphanumeric characters, and special characters are not valid. 

  • Clicking Suggested Response opens a panel which provides possible answers to the open-ended questions. 

Once all scores have been entered, click Save. The unit average on the assignment results page will be recalculated to include the open-ended grade. 

Note: Grades cannot be changed once they are saved unless the unit is reassigned to the student.

Final Grade

Once you’ve graded the open-ended question, the student’s final grade will be adjusted to include their results from the auto-graded questions as well. Each question is worth 1 point. Let’s take a look at an example!

Student 1 Results:

Question 1 = Correct - 1 point
Question 2 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 3 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 4 = Correct - 1 point
Question 5 = Correct - 1 points
Question 6 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 7 = 80% (0.8) of 1 point 

We then add up all the points and divide by the number of questions (7).  In this case, Student 1 got 3 of the auto-graded questions correct, and an 80% on the open-ended questions. So, 1 + 1 + 1 + 0.8=3.8 | 3.8/7=0.5428 | 0.54*100% = 54% 

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