How can I view and grade Applied Mathematics assignments?

How can I view and grade Applied Mathematics assignments?


Review student work in real-time to monitor progress and accuracy and to provide feedback

1. From the Classes Tab, click on the name of the class that contains the Applied Mathematics assignment, then click the instruction sub-tab.

2. Locate the Applied Mathematics assignment and click the blue Review/Grade link beside the assignment name.


A. Select the activity, status, and student from the drop down menus.

Note: The students listed in the drop down are driven by the activity and status selected.

Status options:

  • Ready for Review (default): This will display only the students that have at least one problem that is marked “I'm Finished”, but has not clicked “Turn In”. The checkered flag beside the problem name will indicate those that are ready for you to review.

  • Turned In: This will display only the students that have clicked the “Turn In” button for the activity selected. This indicates that any problems with the checkered flag icon have had the multiple choice graded (if applicable) and are ready for you to assign a Mathematical Thinking score, if desired. (see Grading section for more info) 

  • All: This will display all students without regard to problem statuses. This allows you to easily see which problems the student has finished, are still in progress, or has not started. 

B. Click on the different colored problem tabs to view student work. The status icons allow you to easily see at a glance the status of each problem.

Status icons:

  • No Icon: Student has not done any work. 

  • In Progress:    - Student has started working but is not finished.  

  • I'm Finished - Student has clicked the “I'm Finished” button to indicate that they are done working on the problem and are ready for you to review their work. 

C. View which answer the student has selected (if applicable) and whether or not that is the correct answer.

D. View the work the student has done on the canvas. Click the  icon to enlarge the canvas. To view the most current version of the canvas, refresh via the refresh icon or switch problem tabs back and forth.

E. Launch the Teacher Resources Page which includes:
Standards of Mathematical Practice, suggested manipulatives, common misconceptions, purpose setting statement, DOK level of each problem, the question stem and correct answer, talking points and possible responses. 

F. Listen to the student's audio recording (if applicable).

G. Launch a live version of the student module. You might do this if you want to:

  • View any notes and highlights the student may have added. 

  • Conference with the student about his/her work without the student seeing the correct answer choice. 

  • Provide immediate feedback by adding a note or writing on the student's canvas. 

Note: This functionality is no longer once the student clicks “Turn In”. In order for the student to see your additions, ask them to refresh their screen.


Classworks allows you to score students' mathematical thinking in addition to the auto-scored multiple choice answer.

A. Select the activity from the first drop down and the “Turned In” status in the second dropdown. 

Note: The students listed in the drop-down are driven by the activity and status selected. 

B. Select the colored tab for the problem you wish to grade. Remember that the checkered flag icon indicates which problems are ready to grade. 

C. Access the Teacher Resources to view common misconceptions, correct answers, and possible responses for the open-ended portions. 

D. Enter a score for the student's mathematical thinking. 

Final Grade

Once you’ve graded the open-ended question, the student’s final grade will be adjusted to include their results from the auto-graded questions as well. Each question is worth 1 point. Let’s take a look at an example!

Student 1 Results:

Question 1 = Correct - 1 point
Question 2 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 3 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 4 = Correct - 1 point
Question 5 = Correct - 1 points
Question 6 = Incorrect - 0 points
Question 7 = 80% (0.8) of 1 point 

We then add up all the points and divide by the number of questions (7). In this case, Student 1 got 3 of the auto-graded questions correct, and an 80% on the open-ended questions. So, 1 + 1 + 1 + 0.8=3.8 | 3.8/7=0.5428 | 0.54*100% = 54% 

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