How can I use Classworks for Homework/Extended Learning?

How can I use Classworks for Homework/Extended Learning?

Classworks helps extend learning beyond the classroom and school day by allowing students to access Classworks assignments from home. 

Ways to Use Classworks at Home

Classworks can be used to create homework assignments for the following: 

  • Extra practice before the high-stakes Test 

  • Extra practice on specific skill deficits 

  • To reinforce skills being taught in the classroom 

  • For hospital or homebound students 

  • Maintain student knowledge during the summer months 

  • To challenge advanced students

Tips & Tricks

  • Set clear expectations with the students on what they should / should not be working on within Classworks when outside of school. 

  • One way to make it clear to the student is to create a separate class for just homework assignments and include the words “At Home” or “Homework” in the assignment name. 

  • Make the assignments a manageable length (i.e. 3-4 activities per night). Select just the work you expect the students to complete either that night or during the week. Utilize the Instructional Application filter when creating the assignment. 

  • Click here to view additional ideas on using Classworks instruction for extra practice.


What is the best way to communicate to the parents how to access Classworks? 

  • Include information about Classworks in a letter and send home with the students. You will need to provide the following information on the letter: Decide how your students will access Classworks from home and place a check beside the appropriate option and fill in the necessary information for the option selected. 

  • Options include: 

  1. Enter the Classworks URL for your district in the blank provided on the parent letter. 

  2. Have your school or district tech post a link to the student module on your school or district website. Enter the location of the link in the blank provided on the parent letter. 

  • Enter the following additional information on the parent letter: 

  • Student log in information 

  • Name of the class and homework assignment the students should complete

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