How can I share assessments and instruction district-wide?

How can I share assessments and instruction district-wide?

Classworks District Managers have the ability to share assignments and/or assessments district wide. This option is typically used when a district wants multiple schools within their district to use the same assignment/assessment.

District Managers can share the following district wide:
  1. Assignments/Assessments created and shared by other users.
  2. Self-created assignments/assessments.

Share District-Wide

1. Click on your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks

2. To share an assignment: Click on the Instruction sub-tab. 

To share an assessment: Click on the Assessment sub-tab. 

3. Click the Add button beside “+ District-wide Shared.”

4. Expand the appropriate type of instruction/assessment you wish to share by clicking the + symbol.

5. Place a check beside the instruction/assessment you wish to share and then click the Share button. 

View and/or Remove District-Wide Shared Assignments or Assessments

1. Click your name in the top right then click Manage Classworks.

To view/remove assignments shared district-wide, click on the Instruction sub-tab. 

To view/remove assessments shared district-wide, click on the Assessment sub-tab. 

2. Click the + symbol beside District-wide Shared. A list of assignments/assessments currently being shared district-wide will display.

3. To remove an assignment or assessment from being shared district-wide, change the  symbol to a  symbol.

4. If changes were made, click the Save button.

Additional Notes

  • Assignments and assessments shared district-wide will display as a Preset assignment/assessment. 

  • Assignment and assessments created by someone else must be shared by the user under the main Instruction or Assessment tab before you can share them district-wide. 

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