How are Classworks instruction and assessment content aligned to my standards?

How are Classworks instruction and assessment content aligned to my standards?

Classworks partners with a nationally recognized organization, EdGate, to align instructional and assessment content.

EdGate Partnership

  1. Classworks partners with EdGate to align instruction and assessment content with state standards. 
  1. EdGate is recognized across the K-12 education environment as the Gold Standard in quality control and subject matter expertise.
  1. The partnership with EdGate allows us to have to provide a best-in-class alignment for all 50 states.

Classworks' units of instruction meet students at their instructional or readiness level. As they work through different activities students build proficiency with skills addressed in standards. Classworks prepares students to be able to execute the standards. 

Instructional Example

Standard- MGSE2.OA.1 Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one-and two-step word problems by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem. Problems include contexts that involve adding to, taking from, putting together /taking apart (part/part/whole) and comparing with unknowns in all positions. 

Classworks units of instruction:

Introducing Adding and Subtracting: Has word problems but no pictures or whole/part discussion

Missing Addends: Only missing addends in two positions with no word problems just practice

2-17 Addition and Subtraction within 100 - Recess on the Playground: Has word problems, unknowns in all positions and multiple step problems. Teacher directs drawings to be done to help solve the problems. 

Classworks is committed to providing high-quality instruction that helps students close learning gaps quickly and accelerates their path towards grade-level mastery. Providing a strong alignment between Classworks skills and state standards ensures students are working on exactly what they need. The partnership with EdGate allows us to have to provide a best-in-class alignment for all 50 states. This crosswalk is continually being refined, we welcome your feedback.

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