Customized Summer Learning Options

Customized Summer Learning Options

Classworks has identified the skills within each student’s progression for independent Classworks work during the summer months. This is approximately 16 hours of work per grade for each subject, but any work your students do will be beneficial!

These units are assigned to the student in the existing Classworks learning progression so you are always confident they are working in a teachable order. Remember, this is for independent practice, which allows students to work at their own pace, and automatically scores to show mastery.

Your district has selected from one of three options for independent student practice in their learning progression.

Essential Standards Independent Practice Options

Option 1: Disable currently assigned skills in each student's progression and only turn on the identified essential standards units for every student.

Have students work in a brand new progression. The skills aligned to the identified essential standards will be turned on. These are the standards students were expected to learn in the grade they just completed - i.e. grade level review.

Option 2: Keep the currently assigned skills in each student's progression, AND, turn on essential standards.

This option keeps the currently assigned skills for each student’s individualized learning progression and turns on the essential standard units. Students will work through both their individualized skills and the essential standard skills as they work in their progression.

Option 3: Leave everything as is and focus strictly on closing gaps.

If your goal is solely to close gaps you may choose to leave everything as is and not turn on any essential standards. This is a great choice also!

Reminder - with all three options you can still screen students to further customize their experience.
  1. You may have a variety of needs in your summer program. In this case, screening may just be for certain students while some students may just be working in the new progression.

  2. Your summer school students are at risk and need intervention. Screen to identify the skills students are ready to learn and close those gaps.

  3. Kids have been at home and you may not be confident with current data - Re-screen! This ensures all data is accurate and relevant.

Remember, when you screen students their individualized learning will automatically be informed based on the results. Plus, screeners are already assigned in Classworks! 

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