Creating SMART Goals based on Student SE Survey Results

Creating SMART Goals based on Student SE Survey Results

The Classworks SE Survey provides an opportunity for students to think through a variety of scenarios and mark if they find them very difficult, difficult, easy, or very easy. This data is then reported back to the teacher. The next step is for teachers to guide students toward goal setting related to the areas the student found Difficult or Very Difficult.

The SE Survey SMART Goals resource provides example goals for each SEL subdomain. Each goal is broken down to fit the SMART goal framework within the Classworks Goal Tracker. The questions “What exactly do you want to accomplish?”, “How will you know that you met your goal?”, and “How will you meet your goal?” are each addressed for the specific goal. Students and teachers then assign a confidence level and timeline for the goal.

Goals may be copied and pasted into the goal tracker by teachers as they work with students and then edited to make the goal fit student needs.

Click the buttons below to find example SE goals based on student grade levels, keeping in mind, the example SE goals for grades K-2 are class goals rather than individual student goals.

Refer to these help articles to see how both students and teachers can create goals in Classworks. 

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