Classworks QuickStart

Classworks QuickStart

Welcome to Classworks!

This kit has videos, tutorials, and guides to help you and your students get started using Classworks.

Where to Get Help

The Classworks Help Center is the best place to find information about how to use Classworks. You’ll notice it’s divided into Collections for each of the main components of the program.

Don’t forget you can always chat with us from within the program or email us at for help!

View our Best Practices collection for guidance on everything from assessment and progress monitoring to individualized learning.

Getting Students Started

Helpful tips for getting students started:

  • Students should have access to headphones or earbuds. Classworks games and lessons often involve listening for directions and read alouds.

  • Get the students excited about using the program! Make sure students understand why they are using Classworks. Show the “Why is Classworks Important?” video.

  • The Student orientation video will show students how to navigate in the program.

  • Model and Set clear expectations. Show students how to work through each unit of instruction. Watch Modeling instruction for an example of best practices when showing students how to work in Classworks.

  • You may notice some students are assigned grade level or above grade level skills that haven't been taught yet. Classworks has built-in instruction (mini-lessons) ensuring students are supported even when they are presented with new concepts. View our recommendations for supporting students that are working on grade level or above skills.

Practical tips for students working on Classworks instruction:

  1. Use headphones

  2. Read instructions on start screen (adjust language if necessary)

  3. Watch the game tutorial video for help with how to play the game

  4. Ask a friend!

  5. Ask your teacher

Print and post these best practices so students may refer to them regularly (available in sizes 8.5x11 or 11x17)!

Quick Videos

Set Your Classworks Schedule

Make using Classworks a habit for your and your students right away! Try this:

  • If your district hasn’t designated a specific time for Classworks use, decide when you will use it each day or week. Here’s a sample Classroom Schedule.

  • Set time expectations to make sure students get the instructional time they need to grow.

Motivate and Incentivize

Setting goals and motivating students is proven to lead to better outcomes!

Try this:

  • Incorporate weekly SMART goal setting into students’ Classworks time with Goal Tracker. View Goal Setting.

  • Classworks has motivational tools built in such as badges and certificates that can be printed and used to recognize students.

  • Set up an incentive program for your class or group of students using Classworks.

  • Use this Bulletin board kit to recognize and reward students.

  • For more ideas check out this article.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Learning and implementing a new program can be challenging. Here are resources to make it easier for you:
  • Smartguide online, on-demand courses are available to you on a variety of Classworks topics so take advantage!

  • Take the Kickstart Smartguide course right away! It’s everything you need to know to start using the program immediately. Log into Classworks, select your name in the top right, and choose Smartguide Training from the dropdown.

  • Set up a Connect session, a one-on-one or small group, 30-minute session with a Classworks session (free to all customers). Schedule these on the Smartguide page below the list of courses.

  • View our Best Practices collection for guidance on everything from assessment and progress monitoring to individualized learning.

  • Learn more about Classworks professional learning.

  • Chat with us and bookmark the Help Center -

Parent Resources

We know parents are an important factor in helping students achieve success! Here are some resources to share with parents.

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