Classroom Reading and Math Lessons Best Practices

Classroom Reading and Math Lessons Best Practices

Classworks offers both reading and math lessons to augment the rigor of Tier 1 instruction. 

  • Reading - Passages and text-dependent questions for weekly use in reading instruction. 

  • Math - Differentiated practice problems that allow students to build conceptual understanding and a deeper understanding of Math Practice Standards each week.


Take our Smartguide online course: Transform Tier One Learning with Classroom Reading and Math. 

All students participate in teacher-led Classworks lessons of Classroom Reading and Math in grades 1-8. Utilize the teacher resources and support. Remember, the work can be completed online or as paper and pencil activities. 

Classroom Reading and Math instruction is meant to be led by the teacher working with students to provide exposure to the rigor that the assessment will measure at the end of the year. 

  1. How to use Classroom Reading in the classroom.

  2. See Classroom Reading in action

  3. How to use Classroom Mathematics in the classroom.

  4. See Classroom Math in action  

Site Administrators 

1. Observe teachers using Classroom Reading and Math instruction for close reads in Reading and problem-solving in Math.

  • Are they using the differentiated math problems to group students? 

  • Are they using the cross-curricular reading passages and paired passages as part of their reading curriculum? 

  • Are they using the teacher resources to build the activities into their lesson plan, complementing the standard(s) they are focused on teaching that week?

2. Ensure Classroom reading and math lessons are included in weekly lesson plans as part of your blended learning initiatives. 

District Administrators

These lessons are engaging and support student learning standards and curriculum at a deeper level. Classworks Classroom Reading and Math provides opportunities for students to  read complex texts, solve challenging problems, and fill foundation gaps in a digital environment. Students apply this knowledge to their end of course tests. 

  • Review the scope and sequence of Classworks Classroom Reading and Math

  • Add Classworks lessons into your pacing guide. 

  • Ensure district professional development includes best practices for utilizing Classworks lessons once a week. 

  • If your district has a site for instructional resources, make sure the Classroom lessons are linked. The Classroom lessons should also be added as a resource in your LMS. Whether you use Schoology, Google Classroom, Haiku, Safari Montage or Canvas, Classworks integrates with these Learning Management Systems, and many more! 

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