Bandwidth and Content Filter Recommendations

Bandwidth and Content Filter Recommendations

For optimal performance while using Classworks, we recommend the following content filter changes and bandwidth recommendations below.

Content Filter Recommendations

Firewalls, content filters, proxy servers, and virus-scanning software can all significantly degrade performance, even in cases where network bandwidth appears sufficient. Because of this, we strongly recommend adding the sites below to a URL Bypass List

  1. * (Classworks System)
  • (Classworks content CDN)

  • (math expression rendering)

  • (video lesson support)

Please also make sure and is added to your email server/client as a safe sender to receive information about reports and support updates.

For those districts unable to whitelist using DNS names above, Classworks content uses Amazon CloudFront content delivery service for all it's instructional and assessment content. We would recommend whitelisting the IP addresses in Amazon knowledge base below:

Bandwidth Recommendations

Many factors affect actual connection speed, including the following: proxy servers, firewalls, switches, and available bandwidth of the local network. The available bandwidth depends on the number of users and other applications running across the network.

If other bandwidth-intensive activities (VoIP, streaming audio/video, and general network traffic) are running on the same network segment as Classworks workstation, the performance of web-based application may suffer.

Recommended per student bandwidth
  •     512Kbps per student or faster

Classworks does not require sustained rates of bandwidth like video streaming. Classworks files are cached in the web browser for later use during activity play.

All devices connecting to wireless access points should be connecting using 802.11a/g/n. Access points (AP) is a shared medium and acts as a wireless hub, the performance of each user decreases as the number of users increases on an individual AP. It is not recommended that more than 24 clients associate with the AP because the throughput of the AP is reduced with each client that associates to the AP. Check with your wireless AP manufacturer for recommended number of client connections.

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