Assignment Results Report

Assignment Results Report

The Assignment Results report enables you to view how a class or a student is performing on a Classworks assignment. You can view both the unit activities scores and the final unit test score. You also have the option to view a list of all assigned instruction in an assignment for a specific student.

Generate Report

1. Navigate to the Reports tab then click Instruction in the menu options on the left.

2. Scroll to find Class Assignment Results then click create.

3. Select which students you would like to generate this report for using these steps here.

4. Choose your Report Options:

  • Give your report a name

  • Choose to Summarize By Classes or Individual Student

    • Classes: Displays how the entire group of users is performing on the assignment.

    • Individual Students: Displays how each student is performing on the assignment.

  • Select which Assignment you would like a report for

  • Check the desired boxes for Options

    • If View Detail is not checked: You will see overall unit scores only

    • If View Details is checked: View overall unit scores AND the score of each unit component as well as multiple attempts (if applicable)

    • If View Entire Assignment Is checked: the report will include a list of units that are assigned to the student(s).

      • Note: If the View Detail option is also selected, the assigned activities within the units will also display.

      • View Entire Assignment option is only available if you selected Display by Individual Student in the previous step.

  • Date Range for the report

5. Review your selections and click create.

6. A preview of your report will appear! Click the down arrow or printer icons in the top right to print or download the report, or click the back arrow on the left to return to the settings if changes needed to be made.

What to Look For

As you read the report, notice the following items: 

  • For any failing scores, look at the time on task. Is it adequate? 

  • Was adequate amount of time spent in the mini-lesson? 

  • How did the student perform on the quick quiz (if applicable)? 

  • Are there multiple attempts? Is the student putting forth effort or struggling? 

If there is no score, but only time on task for the activities or quiz, this means the student exited before they finished activity or quiz.

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