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Student Usage Report

View overall Individualized Learning instruction completed and in progress during the specified time frame. This summary of student work can be used to track time-on-task against goals, especially for RtI documentation. 
This report reflects data for both completed and in-progress work. 

Generating the Report
1Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab.

2Use the filters to select the students you would like to report on.

3After applying the filter, place a check next to any student that you would like to include in the report.

Note: You can select all of the students in the filter results by clicking the box above the column.

4Click Generate Report.

5Report Type: Instruction
Select: Student Usage

6Click Next.

7Name your report and choose how you would like it summarized.

Selected Students: This totals all of the data for all of the students you selected and reports it by grade level.
Individual Student: This shows summary data for each individual student, as well as totals.

8Select the Dates Covered by Report. Select a Report Range from the drop down menu or enter a start and end date.

9Click Preview.

Note: While previewing the report, you have the option to print the report to a PDF. Once the report is in a PDF format – you can save or print the report.

What to Look For
As you read the report, notice the following items: 
  • The number of students the data is reflecting for each school, grade level, teacher, or class. 
  • Are the targeted students getting the recommended amount of time per week in Classworks instruction? 
  • How does the usage compare to the other schools, grades, teachers, classes, or students? 
  • Are students spending more time in one subject versus another? Is this consistent with the school’s implementation plan?

Explanation of Columns
  • Total TOT: Total amount of time spent working in Classworks instruction during specified date range. This includes both completed and in progress work.
  • Student Count: Number of students data is reflecting
  • Average TOT*: Total TOT divided by the Student Count
  • Activity Count: Number of activities completed within specified date range
  • Quiz Count: Number of quizzes/post-tests completed within specified date range
* Not available if displaying data by Individual Student