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Skills Snapshot: Mastery Measurement Report

This report displays mastery of skills over time which allows teachers to ensure learning is occurring at an acceptable rate. It can help you determine if time on task should increase or if the instructional path should be modified to accelerate learning.

Create the Report
1Navigate to the Classes tab. 

2Click on the Assessment sub-tab.

3Place a check beside the appropriate Skills Snapshot Assessment(s).

Note: Expand an assessment to select/deselect individual students if desired. 

4Click the Create Report button.

5Select Skills Snapshot: Mastery Measurement and click Next.

6Name your report & select the appropriate Report Details: 

7Choose the appropriate Report Options by placing a check in the box.
  • Display Time on Task on Graph: This option will display the time spent each week working in the instructional learning path as well as the recommended TOT per week to meet the instructional goals within the intervention period. 
  • Include Assignment Results: This option will include the Assignment Results Report which allows you to view the details of the student's unit/activity scores on the ILP.
8Select your Report Range from the options or select a custom date range. 

9Click Preview. While previewing the report, you will have the option to Print the report to a PDF. Once in a PDF format – it can be saved or printed. 

10To have this report sent to you periodically, select to enable Schedule Report. Please see the resource page Schedule Reports for more details. 

11To save this report to the reports tab for future generations, click Save. Please see the resource page Save Reports for more details. 

What to Look For
As you read the report, notice the following items: 
  • Compare the number of skills being mastered each week to the amount of time the student is spending in Classworks working on the ILP. Is there a correlation? 
  • View student mastery compared to the Aim Line. Is the student on track to master all of the objectives within the intervention period? 
  • Is the student getting the recommended time on task (see the Target Time on Task line)? 
  • Compare the student's grade level with the grade level of the skills on the assessment. Is the rate of mastery consistent with expectations or is there evidence that the level of instruction is too easy or too difficult? 
  • View the remaining skills listed at the top of the report. Is the student not mastering skills in the ILP? View the second page of the report to see which skills the student is not mastering. Select the Assignment Results option to see the unit details. 
  • Be sure to read the key regarding how the Aim Line and Target Time on Task Line are calculated.
Skills Mastered is determined by the unit quick quiz score. This includes the number of skills mastered on the assessment as well as the number of skills mastered on the ILP. 

NoteGrade(s) and number of skills addressed included on the Skills Snapshot Assessment.
NoteStart Date is the date the student started the Skills Snapshot Assessment.

Note: Units manually skipped by the user will not display on this page.