This report allows you to monitor the progress of students during an intervention.

Generating the Report

1) Navigate to the Classes tab.

2) Select your school, if necessary, and click to enter a class.

3) Click the Progress sub-tab.

4) Place a check next to one or more Progress Monitoring assignments.

5) Click Create Report.

Report Characteristics

1) Name Your report.

2) Under Report Details, choose if you would like the report summarized by Schools, Teacher, Classes, or Individual Student.

3) If you select the Report Option for View Detail, the report will include CBM Results by Time Interval which graphically displays the student's progress on the intervention.

4) If you click the Schedule Report button, you can schedule the report to be run automatically. If the button is green when you click Save, you will be taken to the Schedule Report screen. From there, you can schedule the report to be run on a specific future date or at various intervals, for example, weekly or monthly. You can also specify a distribution list of users who will receive an email containing a link to the report when it is run.

5) Clicking the Save button will save this report with the options you selected so that it can be run at a future time. Saved reports can be found on the Reports tab under the My Reports section.

6) Clicking the Preview button generates the report to view and/or print.

Looking at the Report

The title of the report displays the report type, the name of the progress monitor being reported on, and nickname, if any, at the top of the screen. Below that, the report header displays the following information:

  • Report On displays the name of the Display By group on which the report is based, in this example, by student. 
  • School shows which school this group is from. 
  • Student Grade displays the student’s grade. 
  • The Probe Level, Subject and Dates shows the probe grade level, subject, and dates over which the CBMs were given. 
  • Target ROI displays targeted Rate of Improvement and whether it is set to moderate or aggressive. 
  • Current ROI shows actual rate of improvement. If the student meets or exceeds the targeted ROI, this will display the slope calculation and the message “On Target.” If the student’s score falls below the targeted ROI, the message is “Review Intervention.” 
  • Date Generated displays the date on which the report was generated.

The body of the report is a table that lists the students in the group you selected and shows a summary of their results for each CBM. If a student has taken a CBM more than once, only the most recent attempt is displayed. The students will be grouped by the Display By option you chose on the Report Characteristics screen.

For each assessment, the table displays the student’s score as a scaled score in the range of 10-50, the date on which the student completed the CBM, and the amount of time the student took to complete each test.

If a student scores in or above the targeted range, their Target ROI score is displayed as N/A. If a student is not improving, their score is displayed in red.

View Details

If you selected View Details on the Report Options panel, the report also displays a page for each student with a graph charting their CBM scores by week. This can produce a trend line that is useful for monitoring the student’s progress over the course of the intervention. 

The y-axis displays the scaled scores and the x-axis shows the testing intervals chosen when the progress monitoring was set up, in this example, weekly. 

After the first administration of a CBM, the chart will show a blue dot indicating the student’s score. After the second probe, a blue line is displayed connecting the student’s results. 

A green line, indicating the targeted rate of improvement, is drawn between the student’s result and the target score. The beginning point for the Targeted Rate of Improvement line starts on the first CBM score that falls below the targeted range. If for example, a student’s first CBM falls within the targeted range and the second falls below it, the green line will begin on the second CBM score. The slope of this line and its endpoint are determined by the Rate of Improvement setting on the Create Progress Monitoring CBMs screen. 

After the third administration, a blue dashed line will display the student’s trend line. 

Below the chart is a table showing the student’s results. For each CBM, the table displays the date and how long the student took to complete the CBM, and the student’s scaled score. 

Below the table are the Cumulative Item Responses for the progress monitoring. For each strand, the report displays the number of items the student has gotten correct over the total number of items in the test.

Clicking the Print button at the bottom of the screen opens the report in a new browser tab. From here you can print or save the report to your computer.

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