This document provides information on how to view progress monitoring data real time within the Classworks Teacher Module as well as directions on how to create and generate the Progress Monitoring report.

View Progress Monitoring Results in Real Time

You can view the results/data from the Classes tab > Progress sub-tab. Expand the appropriate CBM set by clicking the + symbol.

From this screen you can view: 

  • Number of completed CBM probes 
  • Number of remaining CBM probes within the intervention period 
  • Scaled score of the last CBM completed 
  • Date range of the next scheduled CBM 

By clicking Customize next to the name of the CBM set you can: 

  • Skip a CBM for the class 
  • View the status of each CBM as well as the scheduled date for each

By clicking Customize next to the name of the student you can: 

  • View data for all completed CBMs including scaled score, total time, date completed, and next scheduled. 
  • Reassign a completed CBM (only if it is still within the testing window) 
  • Skip a CBM

Generate the Progress Monitoring Report

Purpose: Monitor progress of students during the intervention. Use to help determine if students are trending below, on, or above target. 

The Progress Monitoring Results Report can be generated from the Classes tab > Progress sub-tab (Applicable if selecting a particular CBM set or if selecting individual students to report on) 


From the Classes tab > Progress sub-tab

1) Place a check beside the appropriate CBM set.

Note: Expand the CBM set by clicking the + symbol to select/deselect individual students if desired.

2) Click Create Report

3) Select the Report Type: Assessment
Select the Assessment Type: Progress Monitoring CBMs
Select the Report: Progress Monitoring Results 

4) Click the Next button.

5) Select the appropriate set(s) of CBMs. 

Click the Next button.

6) Select how to display the data.

Recommended: Display by Classes 

Note: Display by Student will produce two pages per student (applicable if sharing with Parents or if sharing at a Student Support Meeting)

7) (Optional) Select View Details, if desired.

View Detail: In addition to the summary page, it also generates a graph of CBM results for each student.

Note: The graph is generated with a Target Rate of Improvement line after one test administration. The student's Current Rate of Improvement line will appear on the graph after 3 test administrations.

8) Click Preview

Note: While previewing the report, you will have the option to Print the report to a PDF. Once in PDF format – it can be saved or printed.

Summary of Student Results: Read the Report

The header of the summary page allows you to view the following information: 

  • Group you are reporting on 
  • School 
  • Grade level, subject, and testing window of the progress monitoring 
  • Rate of Improvement (ROI) Goal Type 
  • Note: if one or more of the students have a different goal type than the other students, the goal type will display as “custom”. 
  • Date report was generated 

Summary of Student Results: What to Look For

Below the header, you will see a chart of each student's results. The results include: 

  • Scaled score the student earned for each completed CBM 
  • Note: If a student exits the assessment early or does not finish within the designated time limit, questions left unanswered will be scored as incorrect. 
  • Date student completed the CBM 
  • Time student spent in the CBM
  • Target ROI and the student's Current ROI 
  • Note: The current ROI will only display if there are at least 3 test administrations.

Individual Student CBM Results: Read the Report

In the header you will see: 

  • Target ROI & Goal Type 
  • Student's Current ROI
  • If the student's ROI is meeting or exceeding the target, it will say “On Target”. 
  • If the student's ROI is below the target, it will say “Review Intervention”.

Reading the Graph: What to Look For

  • Each point represents the scaled score the student earned on the corresponding CBM. 
  • The green solid line indicates the Target ROI which is based on the goal selected (moderate or aggressive) and the student's first score*. The Target ROI is calculated using a linear regression model. 
  • The blue dotted line indicates the student's Current ROI (trend line). 
  • The Current ROI line will only display after the student has completed at least 3 CBMs. 

Note: If the student scores above the end target on the first CBM, the first two CBMs, or the first 3 CBMs, a target ROI will not be calculated. 

If the student's current ROI indicates a downward trend or if the student's current ROI is indicating that the student is trending towards not making acceptable progress, we recommend the student support team make changes to the intervention.

How to Change the ROI Goal

The Rate of Improvement Goal (moderate or aggressive) is initially selected when the set of CBMs is created. You have the ability to change the goal for a particular set of CBMs for all students or for an individual student(s) after it has been assigned. 

To do this: 

1) Navigate to the Classes Tab > Progress sub-tab.

2) To change the goal for all students, click on the blue Customize link beside the name of the set of CBMs. 

To change the goal for an individual student, click the + symbol beside the name of the CBM set. Then click on the blue Customize link beside the name of the student. 

3) Change the Rate of Improvement Goal using the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner of the pop-up box.

4) Click the Save button.

Note: If the ROI goal displays as “Custom”, then one or more students assigned that set of CBMs has a different ROI goal than the other students. 

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