View overall Individualized Learning instruction completed and in progress during the specified time frame. This summary of student work can be used to track time-on-task against goals, especially for RtI documentation.

This report reflects data for both completed and in-progress work.

Generating the Report

1) Navigate to the Individualized Learning tab.

2) Use the filters to select the students you would like to report on.

3) After applying the filter, place a check next to any student that you would like to include in the report.

Note: You can select all of the students in the filter results by clicking the box above the column.

4) Click Generate Report.

5) Report Type: Instruction
Select: Student Usage

6) Click Next.

7) Name your report and choose how you would like it summarized.

Selected Students: This totals all of the data for all of the students you selected and reports it by grade level.

Individual Student: This shows summary data for each individual student, as well as totals.

8) Select the Dates Covered by Report. Select a Report Range from the drop down menu or enter a start and end date.

9) Click Preview.

Note: While previewing the report, you have the option to print the report to a PDF. Once the report is in a PDF format – you can save or print the report.

What to Look For

As you read the report, notice the following items: 

  • The number of students the data is reflecting for each school, grade level, teacher, or class. 
  • Are the targeted students getting the recommended amount of time per week in Classworks instruction? 
  • How does the usage compare to the other schools, grades, teachers, classes, or students? 
  • Are students spending more time in one subject versus another? Is this consistent with the school’s implementation plan?


Explanation of Columns

  • Total TOT: Total amount of time spent working in Classworks instruction during the specified date range. This includes both completed and in progress work.
  • Student Count: Number of students data is reflecting
  • Average TOT*: Total TOT divided by the Student Count
  • Activity Count: Number of activities completed within specified date range
  • Quiz Count: Number of quizzes/post-tests completed within specified date range
  • Not available if displaying data by Individual Student
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