New Year With Classworks

Note: Be sure to complete the Data Export and save reports before typing, "I'm Ready". This process will delete all existing data and cannot be undone.

Hello, below you will find information on the new way that district administrative users will get Classworks setup for the new school year.  Before the end of the year, and continuing until the process has been completed, district administrative users will receive a popup when they log in to Classworks, prompting them to start the new year, when ready.



Classworks Data Export

Before you continue with this process, it is highly recommended that users export all of their district's summary data from the previous school year. Classworks will no longer store student usage data in an effort to be responsible stewards of student privacy. Districts will now be able to export, store, and analyze all of their own data whenever they find necessary throughout the year. This can be completed through the Classworks Data Export (Administration > Utilities > Integrations Directory > Classworks Data Export).

Watch a short video on the Data Export here.

Run any necessary reports

Again, this step isn't required, but it is recommended that you run any Classworks usage reports that you might need before you continue with the next step. You may want to consult your district and/or school implementation plan to see which reports are suggested for you. You can also contact customer support (see below) or your district's Implementation Manager for more information.


I'm Ready

Once you have completed the Classworks Data Export, you will type "I'm Ready" in the box and Click Start.

By doing this, you are telling Classworks that you are ready to have all current data in Classworks cleared. Once this is done, Classworks will no longer be able to access or provide the previous year’s data.


Confirmation Popup

After typing “I’m Ready” and clicking Start, you will receive a popup letting you know that Classworks will begin the process. You will receive an email when Classworks is ready for you to finish setting up the new year.


Note: You will be logged out of Classworks and will be unable to log back in until you receive the email letting you know that it’s time to start your Classworks setup.


Email Checklist

The email that you receive will contain a checklist that lists the steps you will need to complete to successfully start the new year.

Steps include:

- Enroll students for teachers to create their Classes (Required)

- Enroll new teachers into Classworks (Optional)

- Setup Individualized Learning integrations for students (Optional)

- Sign-up and encourage teachers to subscribe to Classworks Ultimate Updates (Recommended)


Accessing the popup if it has been closed

If you choose to close the popup and wish to access it later, you are able to pull it back up by clicking the following symbol, which is located in the top, right corner of the window.



Additional Support

For additional assistance during this process, please contact Classworks Customer Support:

(888) 841-4790 Available Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm (EST)

Or you can email: