Once an individual student or an entire class has completed a unit component within an assignment, you can view the results in two ways: the Classes tab or an Instruction report. Keep in mind that this is for units or instruction that has been assigned by a teacher on the Classes tab.

With the result information, you can then determine what actions to take. 

Note: For more information on Instruction Reports, please visit the Reports section. 

In this article we will cover:

View Results from the Classes Tab

You can view the results of your class and specific students from the Classes tab under the Instruction sub-tab.

View Class Data

View class data by clicking Customize next to the name of an assignment from the Classes Tab > Instruction Sub Tab. This allows you to see Status, Class Average, and Total Time for units.

View Student Data

View student data by clicking Customize next to the student’s name. You can do this from the Classes Tab > Instruction Sub Tab (expand the assignment by clicking the + symbol). In the window that pops up, you will be able to see all of the units that are part of that assignment and details for each including:

  • Unit Name
  • Activity Name(s) - by clicking the + symbol to expand a unit
  • Unit ID Number
  • Grade Level of the Unit
  • Completion Status (Assigned, Skipped, Completed)
  • Percent
  • Total Time
  • Date Completed

What To Look For

It is important to conference with the student on a regular basis and discuss his/her results. When viewing student results, notice the following: 

  • Any components below mastery will be displayed in red. 
  • Total time spent in each component. Did the student rush through? 
  • Compare how the student performed on the activities versus the quiz (if applicable). Is there a discrepancy? 
  • Click on the unit component to preview it. Is it an appropriate level for the student? 
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