Create A Custom Assignment

Users can create custom assignments for students versus using Classworks created assignments (i.e., presets). This allows you to tailor assignments to focus on a particular strand and/or focus on a particular instructional application. 

Uses of Custom Assignment
Creating a custom assignment allows you to: 
    • Place units in a specific order. 
    • Align instruction to a pacing guide. 
    • Select only certain components of the unit structure. 
    • Target skills on multiple or single grade levels. 
    • Refine by a specific instructional application: Flipped Learning, Teacher Led, Higher Order Independent Practice, Skill Reinforcement Independent Practice, Stations/Centers. 
    • Refine by Learning Style.
    • Locate activities that are tablet friendly. 
    • Refine Applied Mathematics by Domain.
    • Refine the Integrated Reading Activities by genre, Lexile level, or Flesch Kincaid level. 

    • Create a custom assignment that aligns to your 6- or 9-week pacing guide. Place the units in the order in which you will be teaching the skills to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. 
    • Create a custom assignment that focuses on a specific skill deficit. Make the assignment multi-grade level to fill in the learning gaps. 
    • Create a custom assignment that contains activities that provide direct instruction of a concept to support flipping your instruction. 

Create New Assignment
1From the Instruction tab, click on the Create New Assignment button.

2Select the criteria for the content search: 

A) Select the 

B) Select the 
Content Type: The content type selected (Units or Activities) determines which refinement options will be available. 

For Language Arts, Math, and Science:
  • Units: Keeps the unit structure intact; can refine by Strand 
  • Activities: Separates out the unit structure; can create an assignment with only Tablet Friendly (HTML5) content; can refine by Instructional Application, Strand, Learning Style, and/or Type (i.e. mini-lesson, activities, quizzes, projects). 
For Integrated Reading:
  • Units and Activities: Can refine by genre, paired passages, Lexile level, and/or Flesch-Kincaid level. All Integrated Reading content is Tablet Friendly. 
For Applied Mathematics:
  • Units and Activities: Can refine Domain. All Applied Mathematics content is Tablet Friendly. 
C) Move BOTH ends of the grade range scale to a specific grade or to cover multiple grades.

D) Optional- Type in a key word or words (separated by commas) or you can leave blank and refine on the next screen (recommended).

3Refine your search (if needed) on the left side of the screen. Refinement options if content type selected was “Units”. There may be multiple pages of results that meet your search criteria.

4Select the appropriate units/activities for the assignment on the right-hand side by placing a check mark in the box. You can also click on the name of the unit to preview it.

5Click the Add to Instruction button. 

6Complete the following:
  • Name the Custom Assignment. (This is the name the student will see.) 
  • Select an icon. (This will help guide the student to choose the correct assignment.) 
  • Add a description. (This is helpful if you plan to share the assignment or to remind you of the details of the assignment. The student does not see this section.) - (Optional)
  • Re-order the units. Place a check beside the unit or units you wish to move. Use the up/down arrows to re-order the units. (Optional)
  • Preview the content. Click on the + symbol next to the unit. Click on any of the underlined blue components to launch the content. (Optional)
  • Remove units or components within the unit. Place a check beside the unit or unit component you wish to remove. Click the Remove Selected Units button. (Optional)
  • Find more content to add to the assignment. (Optional)

7Click the Save Instruction button. 

Additional Options
From the Instruction Tab > Created section: 
Expand the Created section by clicking on the + symbol. 

To edit the assignment: (Note: Edits will only apply to future assigned, not currently assigned) Click on the Edit button. 

To share the assignment: Click on the  symbol to change it to . Click Save

To delete the assignment: Click on the Delete button.  Click Save