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Share and Deploy the Classworks URL

Classworks can be accessed from any support web browser by typing in a simple web address, but some districts might choose to add shortcuts or favorites to allow for easier access to Classworks.
Users have two different options:
  •     Create shortcuts on the desktop
  •     Create a hyperlink on a web page
Creating shortcut on the desktop
Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux all have different methods for creating shortcuts. Classworks provides an icon bundle zip with a student and teacher ICO file. These ICO files can be used to create Classworks shortcuts. Download the icon bundle that is attached to this article.
Hyperlinks on district or site web pages
Sites that maintain or have access to a web server like the district or site main web address can create a Classworks launch page. This page could have additional information about Classworks like a schedule, Classworks incentive programs and the Classworks shortcuts.