Teachers can create custom assignments for students using their state standards. This allows you to tailor assignments to focus on a particular strand and/or focus on a particular instructional application. This could be as a standalone assignment to supplement what you are teaching in class or as a way to focus on skills in addition to what the student is doing in their ILP.

Uses of Custom Assignments

Creating a custom assignment allows you to: 

  • Place units in a specific order. 
  • Align instruction to a pacing guide. 
  • Create assignments for groups of students at different levels.
  • Target skills on multiple or single grade levels. 
  • Refine by a specific instructional application: Flipped Learning, Teacher Led, Higher Order Independent Practice, Skill Reinforcement Independent Practice, Stations/Centers. 


  • Create a custom assignment that aligns to your 6 or 9 week pacing guide. Place the units in the order in which you will be teaching the skills to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. 
  • Create a custom assignment that focuses on a specific skill deficit. Make the assignment multi-grade level to fill in the learning gaps. 
  • Create a custom assignment that contains activities that provide direct instruction of a concept to support flipping your instruction. 
  • Create custom assignments at different grade levels addressing the same skills that can be used to fill gaps for students below grade level, reinforce skills for on grade level, and challenge students working above grade level.

Create a New Assignment

1) From the Instruction tab, click on the Create New button.

2) Select the subject for the content search: 

a) Select a Grade Level.

b) You may choose to enter keywords in the Search Standards box 

3) You can click deeper into the standards/elements/domains to find the Classworks units associated with your search.

4) When you find a Classworks unit that you would like to add to your custom assignment, click the + and you'll see it get added to your Assignment Skills list over to the right. You can also click on the name of the unit to preview it.

Note: To remove a unit from your Assignment Skills list, click the trash can icon beside it.

5) You may click the Back link to find more units that you would like to add.

6) When you have what you want in your Assignment Skills list, click Next.

7) Complete the following: 

  • Name the Custom Assignment. This is the name of the assignment that the student will see.
  • Select an icon. This will help guide the student to choose the correct assignment. (Optional)
  • Add a description. This is helpful if you plan to share the assignment or to remind you of the details of the assignment. The student does not see this section. (Optional)
  • Re-order the units. You can click and drag the unit or units you wish to move. (Optional)
  • Preview the content. Click on any of the underlined blue links to launch any of the units. (Optional)
  • Remove any units within the unit. Click the Trash can icon next to the unit you wish to remove. (Optional)
  • Find more content to add to the assignment by clicking Back. (Optional)

7) Click the Create button. 

Additional Options

Once an assignment is created, you may need to 

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